Russia’s culture and history: City parks to amaze everyone on Unity Day

Russia’s culture and history: City parks to amaze everyone on Unity Day
An exhibition at Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve will feature clay toys crafted by artisans. At the Hermitage Garden there’ll be a lecture on personal genealogy, with specialists giving lessons on how to paint Matryoshka dolls at Tagansky Park. At Vorontsovo Estate there’ll be an improvised concert involving psaltery and balalaika double-bass players.

The Department of Culture is set to organise festive events in 19 affiliated parks. From 3 to 4 November, people will be able to take part in free educational guided tours, workshops, musical entertainment events plus quests dealing with the culture and history of various ethnic groups in Russia.

On 3 November at 4 pm, Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve will be the place to go for a musical guided tour including games called Why Does a Child Need a Bear? The exhibition there includes clay toys crafted by Belarusian, Latvian, Uzbek, Tajik and Daghestani artisans dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including various animal figurines, such as dogs, rabbits, lions, stags, giraffes, that of an infant-toting bear and also a dragon. People will be able to take part in an interactive concert involving a folk group. Registration in advance is required.

On 4 November, a lecture will take place at the Hermitage Garden presented by Mikhail Gershzon, the founder of the organisation Your Genealogy, on personal genealogy from 2 pm until 4 pm. People will get a chance to learn about various simple methods for learning more about their ancestors. Mr Gershzon’s organisation deals with the research of genealogy . For 20 years, he has restored genealogies of nobles, merchants, priests, members of the petty bourgeois estate and also peasants.

There’ll be a workshop at 2 pm in the Hermitage Garden devoted to how to store family photos using unusual techniques, including scrap-books when photos are placed inside albums with notes and mementos and collaging when compositions are created using various details, including newspaper clippings, pieces of fabric and photos, as well as stencils and templates.

It expected that at Tagansky Park masses of people will take part in the festival of Russian nations, scheduled for 4 November, from 1 pm until 4 pm. The traditional dances of various ethnic groups, including the Tatars, the Jews and other groups will more than likely be a really thrilling occasion. Everyone who is interested will be able to take part in a workshop dedicated to how to make dolls from pieces of thread and branches of trees and also how to paint Matryoshka dolls. How to assemble bead bracelets, as well as fur-and-bead souvenirs will also be on the agenda.

On 4 November from 2 pm to 6 pm, Vorontsovo Estate will be the place to go for a concert featuring popular Russian melodies, such as Katyusha, Kalinka and Valenki (Felt Boots). Performers will play traditional Russian instruments, including accordions, the balalaikas, the psaltery and also the balalaika-double bass.

On 4 November from 1pm to 4 pm, at the Lianozovsky Park there will be the People’s Quest in five sectors. People will have to guess what riddles are about or take part in charades and relay races dealing with the culture and history of Russia’s ethnic groups. They will also put together the Russian tricolour state flag measuring two by three m from large mosaic pieces. Workshop participants will also be able to make bright garlands resembling the tricolour Russian flag and a Peace Dove applique.

From 3 to 4 November, Gorky Park will be the place to visit for guided tours and quests. There people will learn more about its Neskuchny Garden and be able to take part in a quest dedicated to the Park’s history. More information about the upcoming events can be found on the Park’s website.

City parks with Unity Day events:

— Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve

— Sirenevy (Lilac) Garden

— Izmailovsky Park

— Kuzminki Park

— Hermitage Garden

— Perovsky Park

— Severnoye Tushino Park

— Sokolniki Park

— Fili Park

— Tagansky Park

— Vorontsovo Estate

— Park Pobedy (Victory Park) on Poklonnaya Gora Bauman Garden

— Zaryadye Park

— rasnaya Presnya Park

— Lianozovsky Park

— Goncharovsky Park

— Babushkinsky Park

— Gorky Park.

Unity Day, a Russian Public holiday, has been marked on 5 November since 2005, with the city always organising various incredible events.

There will be free parking on 4 and 5 November, so that people can reach festive areas quickly and conveniently. Drivers will be able to park on any street included in the municipal metered-parking zone. Single-level gated parking lots will operate as usual in line with the current prices and rates.