Investments into improving Moscow’s central districts paid off long ago - Sergei Sobyanin

Investments into improving Moscow’s central districts paid off long ago - Sergei Sobyanin
This has happened, among other things, thanks to the growing number of tourists visiting the city.

Financial assets invested into the city’s improvement have paid for themselves, Sergei Sobyanin said at the Moscow Financial Forum.

“The flow of tourists to Moscow has grown considerably, by over 70 percent, and all the investment made into improving Moscow’s central part has long been recovered because of this increased flow and the enthusiasm of Moscow’s residents,” the Moscow Mayor said. He also noted that the incomes of cafes and restaurants located on renovated pedestrian streets have grown.

The improvements to the historical central part of the city were completed in 2017. A new pedestrian route now stretches along the city’s embankments, new parks have been opened and old ones have received facelifts. Muscovites received much wider sidewalks and now when they look up they don’t see any cables. The Garden Ring now offers 14 vista points now, with pavilions and sites for organising public events and exhibitions. The statue of Maksim Gorky returned to Tverskaya Zastava Square, a square appeared at the intersection of Moskvoretskaya Street and Varvarka Street, new flower beds were laid out and benches were set up on Kitaygorodsky Proyezd, with a new shady alley stretching around Staraya Square.

According to Mr Sobyanin, thanks to city improvements, among other things, Moscow can now compete with the other world metropolitan cities.  “What we are doing is not a whim, but rather the city’s development strategy is aimed at creating a comfort zone for people and is focused on human capital assets. Human capital assets are the immediate priority in the world today, it is necessary to make sure they are looked after and that is what we are doing,” the Moscow Mayor said. 

In 2018 alone, about 80 parks and public gardens were laid out or redesigned in Moscow, new streets were built, sidewalks and pedestrian streets were cleaned up and thousands of courtyards and entrance halls were renovated.

“It is great to live in Moscow now.  There are so many nice streets where one can take walks, and there are many green areas and parks. Honestly, I am proud of Moscow,” said Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

Moscow industrial zones are also seeing a revival, as they are also being improved. Offices, exhibition halls and space for creative activity are slowly replacing Moscow’s older buildings.