Sergei Sobyanin greeted Moscow residents on City Day

Sergei Sobyanin greeted Moscow residents on City Day
The Moscow Mayor’s message reads, in part:

“Our beloved Moscow is 871 years old: that is almost nine centuries encompassing a transformation from a borderland fortress on Borovitsky Hill to a global metropolis. The Russian capital is proud of its past, appreciates its present and cherishes its tomorrow. And we are building its tomorrow today.

In 2018, Moscow proceeded with the world’s largest infrastructure development programme to make the city ever more beautiful, comfortable and convenient for its residents.  We have launched the first section of the Big Circle Line. The metro reached out to Seligerskaya, came to Solntsevo, Novo-Peredelkino, Rasskazovka, and will shortly bring Kosino and Nekrasovka closer to the city centre. Dozens of other stations are under construction, and by 2023 the metro will be within a walking distance for 90 percent of Muscovites.

The city’s busiest thoroughfare – the North-West Expressway – now has three new sections. Drivers are already enjoying the advantages of the new Krylatsky Bridge across the Moskva River and other large roads launched this year. The construction of the first two Moscow Central Diameters is in full swing: this surface metro network will connect the capital with adjacent districts of the Moscow Region.

A one-of-a-kind building was unveiled at the Morozov Hospital for Children, where the best ever conditions were made for treating young Muscovites and ensuring a comfortable stay for their parents. An international medical cluster started its operation with the first patients being received at the diagnostic building accommodating the Hadassah clinic of Israel. Thousands of Moscow’s children began to attend new kindergartens and schools.

We take pride in excellent results displayed by our schoolchildren at intellectual contests. We are celebrating the rebirth of VDNKh with its historical pavilions and fountains. We have fond memories of the football carnival in the capital’s streets. And we are eagerly anticipating the opening of the Zaryadye Concert Hall – a wonderful gift to Moscow residents for City Day.

Traditional festivities will be held in Moscow on 8 and 9 September. There will be concerts and firework displays, and the metro will be operating the whole night through. I invite you to relax in the parks, on the waterfront and in the squares of the world’s best city.”

Moscow City Day is an annual city festival celebrated on the first or second Saturday in September. Festivities and concerts are held in each of the city’s districts. They wrap up with a breathtaking fireworks display.

City Day was first celebrated in 1847 to mark the 700th anniversary of the city. After that, the festival was held with large breaks, mainly for the capital’s anniversaries. It has been celebrated annually since 1997 following Boris Yeltsin’s executive order. It was initially marked on every first Saturday in September but since 2016 it is sometimes rescheduled to the second Saturday to avoid overlapping with commemorative dates.

In 2018, the capital’s birthday will be celebrated on 8 and 9 September. The main present for the city residents will be a new concert hall in Zaryadye. Over 300 large-scale events will be held in the city, including at the Flower Jam Festival venues. Muscovites will be welcomed at 160 concerts, 90 exhibitions, lectures, meetings with creative people, 100 workshops, and 200 charity events. People can enjoy the fireworks display from 17 venues in parks and 13 other sites around the city.

Where to celebrate City Day