Reliable and fast: Why the Wi-Fi network in the metro is being upgraded

Reliable and fast: Why the Wi-Fi network in the metro is being upgraded
Through the end of the year, trains on the Circle Line will be updated with the latest access equipment to ensure high quality (and free) Wi-Fi service and faster internet connections for users.

The Wi-Fi network on the Circle Line will be upgraded. In 2013, it was one of the first metro lines to provide free Wi-Fi. Five years later, the wireless data transmission equipment requires an update. The project has already begun.

“The latest access node equipment has been installed in the tunnels on the Circle Line. They will provide reliable and fast Wi-Fi connections, including during morning and evening peak hours. All trains on the Circle Line will be updated with new Wi-Fi access equipment through the end of the year. There will be no access interruptions during equipment replacement,” said Maxim Liksutov, Moscow’s Deputy Mayor and Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.         

Access speed will be around 40-50 percent faster thanks to the upgrades.

The metro Wi-Fi operator is planning to complete the update on all lines and replace the access nodes on all trains within 18-24 months.

The metro’s free passenger Wi-Fi network handles around two million connections daily and is equally popular on all lines. In 2017, 37 million Gb of data traffic was transmitted through Wi-Fi access points in the metro, 54 percent more than the year before. Eight months into 2018, traffic totalled 26 million Gb.

To access Wi-Fi in the metro, users must choose MT_FREE among the accessible wireless networks, open the browser and register. This can be done through a user account on the public services portal or via SMS. In the former, users must enter a log-in and password. In the latter, users must enter their mobile phone number and wait for an SMS with an authorisation code.

Also, free Wi-Fi access is available on Lastochka trains on the Moscow Central Circle (MCC), as well as in buses, trolleybuses and trams. There are Wi-Fi hotspots on more than 300 streets and in 40 parks, each with a signal range of up to 50 metres. Moving to a different hotspot does not require re-authentication.

More than 2,200 new Wi-Fi access points appeared in Moscow this year, including on 118 streets within the Third Ring Road and in eight parks. Free Wi-Fi is now available in 88 cultural centres and 84 libraries and at all 13 cinemas of the Moskino network.