Demons and love: Roman Viktyuk Theatre shares plans for next season

Demons and love: Roman Viktyuk Theatre shares plans for next season
At the company gathering, the artistic director named the upcoming premieres.

The Roman Viktyuk Theatre has opened its 22nd season. The first premiere is scheduled for 21 and 24 September. The situation comedy “One Does Not Play With Love” based on the play by Alfred de Musset is directed by the theatre’s leading actor, Igor Nevedrov, who appeared in the title role of “Osip Mandelshtam,” as Hippolyte in “Phedre,” and as Ivan Bezdomny and Yeshua in “The Master and Margarita.”

The plot is based on tragicomic discrepancies in the perception of heavenly and earthly love, which stand in the way of the happiness of a female and male cousin who have been in love with each other since childhood. The director elevates his characters to a new level, bringing them into a dialogue with divine forces. 

Roman Viktyuk, artistic director of the Roman Viktyuk Theatre

This is the second play Igor Nevedrov has directed; he made his debut with “Venetian” in 2016. Roman Viktyuk believes Nevedrov has vast potential as a director.

Mr Viktyuk is putting on a new production too. He recently began rehearsing for “The Petty Demon” based on the novel by Fyodor Sologub. This will be his third interpretation of the play after those for Sovremennik Theatre and the Russian Theatre of Estonia. The premiere date has not been announced.


The theatre’s veterans – those who have spent 10 years or more at the theatre – received congratulations during the company gathering. Yefim Shifrin has worked at the theatre for 20 years, Konstantin Avdeyev, Vladimir Belostotsky and Olesya Bykoderova – for 15 years, and Anna Terekhova and Alexei Nesterenko – for 10 years. 


At the end of next week, the Roman Viktyuk Theatre company is heading to St Petersburg on tour. Local theatregoers will finally see the sensational “Salome,” which debuted back in 1998, and the plays “A Strange Garden: Rudolf Nureyev” and “The Maids.”

Russia’s cultural capital will also host a presentation of Roman Viktyuk and Tatyana Pechegina’s book “Sky: Flight Two.” The Moscow audience will get acquainted with the book, too, on 6 October at the House of Light – the theatre’s building on Stromynka Street.

The theatre will bring “Salome” to Latvia as well, arriving in Riga in early October.