Assembling jigsaw puzzle: Parts of North-East Expressway already usable

Assembling jigsaw puzzle: Parts of North-East Expressway already usable
Intersection of the North-East Expressway with Entuziastov Motorway
Two new sections of the North-East Expressway opened 4-5 September. This story focuses on other expressway sections that are already being used and their positive influence on the life of city dwellers.

Work is underway to complete the North-East Expressway. It appears that drivers actively use its four sections: between Businovskaya Overpass and Festivalnaya Street, between Izmailovskoye and Shchyolkovskoye motorways, between Entuziastov and Izmailovskoye motorways and between Shchyolkovskoye and Otkrytoye motorways. Two other sections between Entuziastov Motorway and the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) and between Festivalnaya Street and Dmitrovskoye Motorway have recently been added.

The expressway now intersects with Businovskaya Overpass, Dmitrovskoye Motorway, Otkrytoye Motorway and MKAD. This includes almost 80 km of roads, 67 engineering structures and 14 zebra crossings. In northern Moscow, the route extends beyond MKAD and merges with the new M11 Moscow-St Petersburg rout.

The expressway’s remaining two sections between Dmitrovskoye and Yaroslavskoye motorways and between Yaroslavskoye and Otkrytoye motorways are currently being designed.

The unfinished expressway has already made things easier for millions of people in Moscow. And here is an update on its completed sections.

Between Businovskaya Overpass and Dmitrovskoye Motorway

This is the longest expressway stretch between Businovskaya Overpass and Festivalnaya Street and between Festivalnaya Street and Dmitrovskoye Motorway.

The first 7.8-km section that opened in 2015 includes 19 overpasses (4.45 km) plus an upgraded pedestrian crossing.

This section helps link the Khovrino, Golovinsky and West Degunino districts. Before 2015, these places could only be reached via the otherwise congested MKAD. Moreover, this section helped integrate the expressway with the Moscow-St Petersburg federal route.

The second section between Festivalnaya Street and Dmitrovskoye Motorway that opened 5 September includes 10.6 km of roads, including seven overpasses, a bridge across the Likhoborka River, a viaduct spanning the Oktyabrskaya Railway’s connecting junction and a pedestrian underpass. This section allows residents of the Golovinsky, Timiryazevsky and Koptevo districts to enter Dmitrovskoye Motorway directly, without having to use MKAD.

This vital expressway section will help access the Bolshaya Akademicheskaya Street and the North-West Expressway, also allowing the Moscow-St Petersburg route to reach central Moscow via Dmitrovskoye Motorway.

Between Otkrytoye Motorway and MKAD

The future expressway’s second section links Otkrytoye Motorway with MKAD’s eastern section. During construction, it was divided into four sections: between Otkrytoye and Shchyolkovskoye motorways, between Shchyolkovskoye and Izmailovskoye motorways, between Izmailovskoye and Entuziastov motorways and between Entuziastov Motorway and MKAD.

The section between Otkrytoye and Shchyolkovskoye motorways opened on 20 August. So far, it is possible to use only a few local overpasses, including those on the carriageway’s outer rim, as well as an overpass-exit for accessing Shchyolkovskoye Motorway. Nevertheless, people in the Golyanovo, Metrogorodok, Bogorodskoye and Preobrazhenskoye districts are very happy it seems because they can drive home very quickly without getting into any traffic jams  or having to wait at any traffic lights. Congestion has also decreased on Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya and Krasnobogatyrskaya streets, Stromynka and Rusakovskaya Embankment. There are plans to completely open this section in early 2019.

Five overpasses between Shchyolkovskoye and Izmailovskoye motorways are already open to traffic. This section has 13.38 km of roads, including 1.48 km of overpasses and a 480-m tunnel beneath Shchyolkovskoye Motorway. It has helped reduce traffic jams on Izmailovskoye and Shchyolkovskoye motorways, Entuziastov Motorway and Budyonny Prospekt, as well as on Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya and Pervomaiskaya streets.

Opened in 2017, the section between Izmailovskoye and Entuziastov motorways has 22.84 km of roads, as well as 15 overpasses, five pedestrian crossings and an upgraded railway viaduct. The road has reduced congestion on Budyonny Prospekt and on Entuziastov Motorway between Budyonny Prospekt and Plekhanov Street. It has also reduced inbound traffic via Entuziastov Motorway and allows drivers to more quickly reach the Sokolinaya Gora, Preobrazhenskoye, East and North Izmailovo districts.

The expressway’s eastern tip between Entuziastov Motorway and MKAD that opened 4 September will speed up traffic in eastern and southeastern Moscow. It will reduce traffic jams on Ryazansky Prospekt, Entuziastov and Shchyolkovskoye motorways, as well as on eastern sections of MKAD and the Third Transport Circle. People in the Kosino-Ukhtomsky and Nekrasovka districts, as well as in Lyubertsy, will now find it much easier to reach Moscow.

This section includes Moscow’s longest, 2.5-km overpass between Plyushchevo platform and an overpass-ramp for exiting Perovskaya Street.

During construction, workers upgraded pedestrian crossings near the Vykhino metro station and Vykhino platform of the Moscow Railway’s Kazan and Ryazan lines, as well as those towards the Assumption Church, the Veshnyakovskoye Cemetery and Kuskovo Park.

Crossing Moscow

The North-East Expressway will become one of the four new cross-city routes, due to replace the planned the Fourth Transport Circle. According to experts, this system is 20 percent more efficient. The city’s new transport framework, due to be completed by 2023, will consist of the North-East, South-East and North-West expressways, as well as the Southern Expressway.

The new routes will link city districts and reduce traffic jams on the Third Transport Circle, MKAD and radial routes. They will include about 300 km of roads, 127 overpasses, bridges and underpasses, as well as over 50 pedestrian crossings.

The diagonal North-East Expressway will stretch from the M11 Moscow-St Petersburg route towards a place where MKAD intersects with the Veshnyaki-Lyubertsy route. It will link major motorways, as well as the capital’s northern, eastern and southeastern districts.