Caramel bouquets, soap cakes and other surprises at the Flower Jam Fest

Caramel bouquets, soap cakes and other surprises at the Flower Jam Fest
Designer gifts, pottery, interesting flower compositions and plants and saplings will be available at the festival.

Those who visit the Flower Jam Festival can buy unusual gifts to suit all tastes. On 9 September, the last day of the festival, an amateur landscape design competition with surprises for participants and guests will be held.

Festival visitors will see compositions of succulent plants in florariums of different sizes and geometric shapes, tillandsias popular in home gardening and various dry flower bouquets all at Tverskaya Square. In addition, there is a wide choice of pottery: mugs and salad bowls, dishes and sugar-jars, vases and hot pads. Most of the items are decorated in bright plant and flower motifs.

Trade stalls at Revolution Square sell designer gifts and handmade items. Among them are panels made in a cold porcelain technique, scented soap in the shape of fruit, berry baskets, cakes and flower bouquets.

Visitors will find handmade caramel flower compositions on Gorodetskaya Street and Kamergersky Pereulok.

An amateur landscape design competition will take place at 1,500 sites on 9 September. Trade pavilions will display flowers and plants that can grow at home or at a dacha. Visitors will be able to buy hybrid and bushy asters, day lilies and wild rosemary, sweet mint and thyme, and also saplings for white cedars, mountain pines, junipers, lilacs and firs. In addition, gardening enthusiasts will be offered saplings for apple trees, gooseberry bushes, grape vines, cherry and sweet cherry trees, plum trees, pear trees, blackberry, raspberry and seaberry bushes, and other fruit trees and bushes. Today such plants are becoming common in city public gardens, parks and courtyards. Thus, pine strawberry was planted in city parks this summer.