City Day Fireworks: Huge choice of fabulous locations

City Day Fireworks: Huge choice of fabulous locations
The spectacular five-minute long fireworks display is to begin at 9 pm on Saturday, 8 September, with firecrackers soaring into the night sky from no less than 30 different locations all around the city.

On Saturday, 8 September, the people of Moscow will celebrate the city’s 871st anniversary, with five-minute long magnificent firecrackers blasting off into the darkness of the sky from 30 different locations at 9 pm.

Several dozen thousand salvos will illuminate the night sky with gold, silver, blue, green, red and purple sparks forming multi-coloured peonies, palm-trees, chrysanthemums, golden-thread flowers and most important of all, hearts.

High-altitude fireworks will be launched from 13 different places, with multi-level fireworks blasting off from another 17 locations.

According to the City Department of Culture, launchers will be installed in every administrative area, allowing everyone to admire the picturesque display of pyrotechnics anywhere in the capital.

City Day fireworks display locations on 8 september

Central Administrative Area:

  • Moskva River surface, Moskvoretskaya Street, near Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge;
  • Moskva River vicinity, opposite the Luzhniki Sport Complex;
  • Gorky Park;
  • Hermitage Garden;
  • Bauman Garden;
  • Tagansky Park;
  • Krasnaya Presnya Park.

Western Administrative Area:

  • Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora ;Novo-Peredelkino, 18 Fedosyino Street, near a pond.

Northwestern Administrative Area:

  • Severnoye Tushino Museum andPark;
  • Mitino Landscape Park at 5 Roslovka Street.

Northern Administrative Area:

  • Druzhba (Friendship) Park.

Northeastern Administrative Area:

  • Central VDNKh Alley;
  • Babushkinsky Park;
  • Lianozovsky Park;
  • Goncharovsky Park.

Eastern Administrative Area:

  • Sokolniki Park;
  • Izmailovo District, Baumana town;
  • Izmailovo Park;
  • Perovsky Park;
  • Sirenevy Garden.

Southeastern Administrative Area:

  • Pechatniki District, Moskva River vicinity, opposite Guryanova Street;
  • Kuzminki Park.

Southern Administrative Area:

  • Sadovniki Park.

Southwestern Administrative Area:

  • Kadyrova Street, Yuzhnoye Butovo Landscape Park for Children;
  • Vorontsovo Estate;
  • 50-Letiya Oktyabryat

Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas:

  • Moskovsky Sport Centre in Moskovsky town;
  • Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, Troitsk, Fizicheskaya Street (near Fire Brigade No. 42).

Zelenograd Administrative Area:

  • 4/2 Ozyornaya Alleya.

The joy of City Day celebrations

On 8-9 September, people in the city will get a chance to attend the main events of the Moscow Summer Flower Jam festival taking place at over 2,000 different venues in every city district. The festival’s programme includes 1,150 free workshops in flower arranging, botany, interior decorating and cooking. In addition to all this there will be 3,000 games and  sports events. Add to this 280 concerts and various performances, 50 guided tours in the city’s parks and green zones, skateboarding classes plus there will also be a DJ school.

Neighbourhood Flower Jam chalets will have a wonderful range of sweets and desserts, fruits and berries, hundreds of pots of jam and honey, as well as 160 different flavoured ice creams on offer. Forty Russian regions will treat local dwellers to their delicious food. Dacha owners, flower-growers and those loving cozy nooks will be able to buy seeds and saplings, herbariums, pots of flowers, interior decorations and not to forget souvenirs as well.

On 9 September, amateur flowerbed creators will compete in team and individual events, working on unique landscaping projects under the guidance of professional gardeners.