Overlooking Tyufeleva Roshcha: Glass bridge to link ZIl station with new park

Overlooking Tyufeleva Roshcha: Glass bridge to link ZIl station with new park
Project design
The City Committee on Architecture and Urban Development has approved the design for the Moscow Central Circle’s ZIL station together with a bridge that will link the station with Tyufeleva Roshcha Park. The seven m high bridge will overlook the new recreation zone, providing a panoramic view.

The northern terminal of the MCC’s ZIL station will include a three-storey building with a transparent façade and butt-end walls faced with white and navy-blue aluminium tiles.

On the ground floor there will be a ticket office, turnstiles for incoming and outgoing passengers, lifts and steps with ramps for accessing the top floor as well as reaching the platforms.

The first floor will have retail outlets, chemists’ shops and various offices. Via the top floor it will be possible to get to the glass covered pedestrian bridge. Passengers will be able to enter Tyufeleva Roshcha Park and return to the station using this bridge. This will be a plus point in wet weather.

“The 45m bridge which stands seven m of the ground  will span a busy motorway and will overlook the green recreation zone, providing a panoramic view,” Moscow’s Chief Architect Sergei Kuznetsov explained.

The ZIL station’s platform and its southern terminal started admitting passengers after the MCC opened in the fall of 2016. The station is part of the ZIL transit hub providing links to bus stops.

The station’s southern terminal will have two exits for accessing residential buildings and the Olympic Synchronised Swimming Centre on Avtozavodskaya Street. The northern terminal’s two entrances will make it possible to reach residential buildings on Avtozavodskaya Street and Tyufeleva Roshcha Park.

The MCC has 31 stations with links to 14 metro stations and six railway stations (for commuter-train passengers). Each station is also located near bus, trolleybus and tram stops.

The size of the Tyufeleva Roshcha Park is ten ha and it is located at the former Likhachev Automotive Plant (ZIL). It boasts a pond filled to the brim with clear water, beautiful footpaths lined with trees and shrubs, as well as benches and mini summer-houses for weary nature lovers who want to take a break for a few moments.

In the park there are masses of places for sports like volleyball, basketball and tennis. A 1.3 km steel pergola resembling an assembly line is the main local landmark. The roofed-in pergola reminds everyone about the vicinity’s industrial past. There are plenty of footpaths as well as lots of benches.