Flower Jam festival: Urban landscape design contest

Flower Jam festival: Urban landscape design contest
Interesting festivals, contests and sports events; thematic fairs with unique products from all over Russia and abroad; and colourful art installations by Russian and foreign artists.

This year the traditional Moscow Flower Jam festival started on 30 August and will continue up until 9 September at more than 2,000 venues in each city district. Do not miss a chance to visit any of the 1,150 free workshops on flower arranging, botany, design and cooking in addition to 3,000 sporting and other amusements, 280 concerts and shows, 50 tours in Moscow parks and green zones, skateboarding classes plus a DJ school. The nearby Flower Jam chalets have plenty of sweets and desserts, tonnes of berries and fruit, hundreds of different sorts of jam and honey as well as 160 kinds of ice cream. A total of 40 Russian regions have prepared delicacies for people in Moscow to sample. The street market carries a whole range of things for those who enjoy gardening. People will get a chance to buy flowers, seeds, potted plants, interior decorations plus souvenirs.

The festival began on 30 August and will conclude with the most interesting events on 8 and 9 September when Moscow celebrates City Day.

9 September: Flowerbed contest

The flowerbed contest will be held on the day of Moscow’s anniversary. Contestants, in teams or individually, will be able to create a unique project led by professional gardeners. The contest will take place between 9 am and 5 pm on 9 September.

The Large Exhibition Garden category

The Large Exhibition Garden category presents remarkable signature gardens that cover 70–100 sq m and are suitable to relax in with children. The projects are implemented in Moscow public spaces such as streets, squares, pedestrian zones, gardens and parks.

The Small Exhibition Garden category

The Small Exhibition Garden category is for 24 sq m projects with a mandatory relaxation area. These projects are implemented with the help of ready-to-use items that can easily be assembled and may include a stage, benches, cachepots, hedges and other such things too.

The Urban Relaxation Area category

This category is for small flowerbeds sized 3×4 m. The creators of the projects will have to include a recreation area and a container full of real flowers, shrubs and trees suitable for a modern megalopolis.

Student project contest

This category is taking place for the first time this year. Future landscape architecture specialists will present their projects that will be implemented in the fashionable creative clusters at former factories.

District flowerbeds

Anyone who can come up with a design for flowerbeds at festival venues in all the city districts is invited to take part in this event.


Workshops, sporting events, food courts, shopping and many other things just two minutes away.

8 and 9 September celebrations

871 years is a venerable age and Moscow is becoming more beautiful, interesting and colourful with each passing year. We will give tips on where to find something unforgettable on City Day as well as how to plunge head first into the wonderful City Day  atmosphere. This year City Day will be celebrated in almost every courtyard. Just leave your home and take a few steps in the direction of the closest festival venue. Large playgrounds for the entire family can be found there as well as workshops on home decorating and botany, open-air restaurants and cafes with freshly cooked shashlyks and 160 kinds of ice cream, a market where 40 Russian regions will present their main delicacies and competitions for amateur gardeners where everyone can participate and win prizes.

City Day is the most flamboyant weekend in Moscow. In the city parks, streets and squares there’ll be music, dancing, shows and festivals as well as contests, sporting events, fairs, picnics and open-air restaurants. People in Moscow as well as visitors who plan their trips to Moscow during City Day will all experience these special celebrations.

The two-day-long occasion will go on all through the day starting from a sports event at Luzhniki and a contest for amateur gardeners that will involve places all over Moscow and concluding with magnificent fireworks in parks. Saturday will be the day when there’ll be lots going on in the parks and on Sunday the Flower Jam festival will be held in every Moscow district.

Main festivities will be held in parks on Saturday and Flower Jam festival will take place all around Moscow on Sunday.

Classical music or Russian pop stars, kind deeds or the world of sports at Luzhniki? There are two days to enjoy all of it.

Gala concert

A real present has been prepared for everyone who likes classical music. On 8 September, the best classical Moscow ensembles as well as one of the symphonic orchestras will perform well known works near the walls of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Choirs have also prepared a separate programme.

The concert will begin at noon and last until 9 pm.

Kind Moscow

The Kind Moscow festival of charity foundations will become one of the main things on City Day. The event will take place in Tsvetnoi Boulevard and will be dedicated to volunteering this year.

The festival includes a charity race as well as a concert featuring popular actors and singers. Festival-goers will be able to see charity activities, take part in workshops and buy things made by the beneficiaries of the charities. There will be clothes and accessory brands for young people presented at a large charity market.

It is necessary to register at добрыйзабег.рф and make a donation of 300 roubles to take part in the charity race. All the raised money will be transferred to charities.

The charity concert will be given by famous singers and performers in the boulevard’ green area.

The festival will take place between noon and 10 pm on 8 September and between 2 pm and 8 pm on 9 September.

Poklonnaya Gora

Poklonnaya Gora is one of the main venues. A full packed programme will be followed by grand  concerts in the evening.

On 8 September, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Katya Lel, Sati Kazanova, Roman Arkhipov, Nikolai Trubach, Buranovskiye Babushki, Guzel Khasanova, Viktor Drobysh and Tatyana Ovsiyenko will perform there. The concert will conclude with festive fireworks.

On 9 September, Anna Semenovich, Sogdiana, Alexander Aivazov, Viktor Rybin, Natalya Senchukova, Yelena Terleyeva and others will perform there.

The celebrations will take place between noon and 10 pm on 8 September and between 3 pm and 8 pm on 9 September.


Anyone who likes sports and leads an active life and enjoys music should visit the main Russian stadium on City Day. Luzhniki will become one of Moscow’s largest festive venues where everyone can take part in family competitions and workshops held by famous athletes or see exhibition performances by dancing couples or go to various concerts.

The festival will begin at 10 am on 8 September.

The climax of the Flower Jam festival will coincide with City Day. The wild fantasy of the finalists of the Open International Urban Landscape Design Contest will amaze festival-goers. On 9 September, the flowerbed contest will be held in every Moscow district. Don’t miss a chance to create a wonderful flowerbed and win a valuable prize. There will also be 150 free tours around 50 of the most interesting museums and places in Moscow held this weekend.