Her Majesty Dusya: Russia’s biggest pumpkin to go on public view

Her Majesty Dusya: Russia’s biggest pumpkin to go on public view
A miracle veggie gaining two kilos daily was grown in Lukhovitsy.

One of Russia’s major horticultural exhibitions, Peace, Labour and Harvest, will open on 8 September in the Moscow State University Botanic Garden (Apothecary Garden). There will be lots of interesting things to see, including the biggest pumpkin in Russia.

Please welcome Her Pumpkin Majesty Dusya

This year’s harvest exhibition will be very ambitious as its area has expanded multiple times.

One of the reasons to attend Peace, Labour and Harvest is to see Russia’s biggest ever pumpkin. It weighs more than 520 kilos. The miracle veggie, which puts on two kilos daily, has been grown by Andrei Gusev from Lukhovitsy. The vegetable has got a name and a title, Her Pumpkin Majesty Dusya. On 5 September, it will be delivered to the Apothecary Garden and weighed for the Russian Book of Records.

Kombucha corner

Guests will also be able to try different kinds of watermelon, melon, courgette, aubergine, potato, bean, beet, cabbage, chestnut, walnut, rowan and other gifts of nature.

This year’s exhibition will offer ginseng and kombucha corners for the first time. Tastings are available in the evenings.

The exhibition will run until 14 October. It is part of the programme of the Autumn Colours annual festival of flowers, harvest and art. In addition to the tasting and the mushroom festival, the programme will include lectures, guided tours and masterclasses.

The festival’s highlight will be a grand gala concert, Best International Film Soundtracks and Opera Masterpieces, involving German opera stars: distinguished pianist, conductor and composer Heinz Walter Florin and soprano Mirjam Miesterfeldt.