Tomato and lavender soup, salmon roe ice cream and more unusual treats at the Flower Jam Festival

Tomato and lavender soup, salmon roe ice cream and more unusual treats at the Flower Jam Festival
Street chalets will offer a variety of sweet desserts. Restaurateurs will amaze visitors with unusual recipes enhanced by fragrant and medicinal flowers.

The food programme at the Flower Jam Festival promises to be as rich and diverse as the exhibited gardens that will adorn the capital between 30 August and 9 September.

Passiflora jam, ashberry preserves and chili pepper marmalade

Festival guests will sample jams of various flavours, from forest violet, chrysanthemum, dandelion, lilac to yarrows with chili pepper. Other jams on sale will include passiflora, bell and chili pepper, ashberry and actinidia, pine cones with coffee, lychee with mulberry and dried apricot or, for example, schisandra chinesis. The largest selection of jams will be offered at Revolution Square, Tverskaya Square and Dmitry Donskoi Boulevard. Visitors will also find healthy ‘raw’ jam of cloudberry, raspberry, blackberry, wild strawberry, blueberry, bog bilberry, cowberry, snowball, cranberry, buckthorn, black currant, red currant and gooseberry.

Ice cream with salmon roe, bacon and squid ink

Visitors will be happy to enjoy the variety of ice creams. Salted caramel and squid ink, buckthorn and mango sorbets, vanilla ice cream with catchy flavours like ‘raspberry cheesecake’, ‘mysterious lavender,’ and ‘bubble gum’ will be offered at Revolution Square, Tverskaya Square, Dmitry Donskoi Boulevard and Gorodetskaya Street. One scoop will cost 100 roubles except chocolate and strawberry that will cost only 50 roubles per scoop.

Salmon roe, bacon, pesto, quinoa, soy sauce, black sesame seed and green pea flavours can be found on Gorodetskaya Street and Profsoyuznaya Street.

Chrysanthemum salad and violet lemonade

At restaurant chalets, festival visitors will fill up on original lunches with unforgettable snacks and desserts. Profsoyuznaya Street promises the most impressive gastronomic programme. One of the chalets there will serve pulmonaria with veal brisket, pumpkin soup with nettle round rissoles, figs in bacon with rose petal jam, chrysanthemum salad with baked pear and cherry. Another chalet will offer tomato and lavender soup, chicken breast on skewers in honey mustard sauce with chrysanthemum petals, pork on skewers marinated in lavender caramel sauce, salmon stake in lemon jam. Drinks that deserve particular attention include violet lemonade, clover kvass, tea with raspberry, juniper and fresh mint, sage, honey and lemon balm.

At Revolution Square and Orekhovy Boulevard, visitors will try grilled aubergine on avocado salsa, melon and suluguni pancakes, violet lemonade and bird cherry cake.

Burgers with pear sauce, chicken and pickled zucchini rolls, flatbread with soft cottage cheese, turkey, hummus and spinach will be offered on Tverskaya Square.

On City Day (8 and 9 September), some of the best Moscow restaurants will participate in the culinary programme. They will present their signature dishes for special prices at the festival’s central venue. For example, visitors will have a chance to try a pig stuffed with apples and prunes with sauerkraut on bread.

The Flower Jam city landscape design competition will take place in Moscow between 30 August and 9 September for the second time. Venues across the city will be decorated with small garden and landscape compositions created with more than 4 million live plants. Last year, some 7.2 million people attended Moscow Summer. Flower Jam festival.