After Shakespeare’s and Dumas’s characters: Unusual names for newborn Muscovites

After Shakespeare’s and Dumas’s characters: Unusual names for newborn Muscovites
Sofia (Sofya) and Alexander are still the most popular names in Moscow.

The Moscow Registry Office has announced the most unusual names given to newborn babies this year. In 2018, Donald, Walter, Iago and Tomislav were among boys’ names. There is also a young Aramis in Moscow now. He shares his name with a royal musketeer from Alexandre Dumas’s novels. Several girls were named Semiramis, Kamelia, Chloe, Lolita and Lyalya. One baby girl was called Juliet after Romeo’s young lover in the Shakespearean tragedy. Another baby girl received the name of the protagonist in Hans Andersen’s “The Snow Queen,” Gerda.

Svyatopolk, Amvrosy, Dar, Polikarp, Leonty, Domislav, Severyan, Nikanor and Yevstafy are among the unusual Slavic and Greek names given to boys this year, along with Ladislava, Dobromira, Glikeria, Ladomira, Stepanida, Mstislava, Iva, Muza and Vesna for girls.

“Babies usually get rare names in Moscow if one of the parents is a foreigner, although there has been no noticeable trend for unusual baby names recently. On the contrary, Muscovites are increasingly opting for traditional names for their children, after their mothers, fathers and grandparents,” Head of Moscow’s Registry Office Irina Muravyova said.

The list of the most popular names is almost the same as last year’s. Alexander is still the most popular name for a boy, followed by Mikhail, Maxim, Daniil (as well as Danila and Danil), Artyom, Ivan, Dmitry, Kirill, Mark and Matvei.

Sofia (or Sofya) is still the most popular girl’s name, followed by Maria and Anna. Alisa, Viktoria, Anastasia, Polina, Alexandra, Varvara and Yelizaveta are also on the list.

The monthly ranking of popular names for Moscow is available on the open data website. Right now it shows the rankings for January and February 2018 because the list is being updated.

Moscow expects a wedding boom in early September: 1,865 couples plan to tie the knot on City Day, 8 September, or on the day before. In addition to the traditional Wedding March by Mendelssohn, civil registry offices will play the Moscow anthem to mark the city’s 871st anniversary.