The new look of the Moscow Metro’s signs

The new look of the Moscow Metro’s signs
Updated signs are part of the metro’s new navigation system programme. The old signs and maps are gradually being replaced in Moscow. New navigational signage will help passengers orient themselves at stations, choose the right route and find the best metro station exit.

New signage is being installed in the Moscow Metro that will include station names and operating hours. By late August 185 stations will have the latest signage with Moscow Transport-consistent graphics in station entrance lobbies. In all, there will be over 340 new panels – one sign for each entrance to ground-level or underground station lobbies.

The signs have a new typeface, which is more accurate and better discernible from a distance. The size of the nameplates has changed too, and all of the signs will be consistent, design-wise, with the new overall navigation system signage.

“New signs including station names and operating hours will be included in the new navigational signage system. All of the metro’s signs and maps will gradually be replaced. The new signs will help passengers orient themselves at stations, choose the right route and easily find the most convenient exit in a multi-way underpass. Over 60,000 new navigational elements are already in place in Moscow Metro stations,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor and Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Maxim Liksutov.

Other improvements on the Moscow Metro include installation of new backlit signs, steles, and maps with the updated typeface and graphics. This project is ongoing.

Signs, including backlit signs, include English for foreigner’s convenience. Also, there are, or will be, street maps at metro exits. In late May, the signage system at four stations was updated at Kropotkinskaya, Sretensky Bulvar, Kitai-gorod and Chekhovskaya metro stations.

The sign programme in the Moscow Metro comes at public request. There will be additional information including signs pointing toward the location of social and tourist venues and large malls. Feedback can be provided in the Suggestions & Feedback section on the Moscow Transport website.