New park to be developed at Bratislavskaya metro station

New park to be developed at Bratislavskaya metro station
Plans to build a parking lot and shops were scrapped in place of a park.

The Urban Planning and Land Commission of Moscow (GZK) meeting chaired by Sergei Sobyanin approved plans to develop a park on Pererva Street between the Bratislavskaya metro station and Lublinskaya Street.

To build the park, several projects for new shops and a parking lot had to be scrapped at the request of Maryino District residents.

850th Anniversary of Moscow Park in Maryino is at the last stage of improvement now; the project includes adding a jogging and Nordic walking trail, a bicycle path, a biathlon stadium with a shooting range, and a sports ground with weightlifting equipment. A 4,060-square-metre pump track will open in the park as well.

At the meeting, the GZK also decided to prepare amendments to the land use and development rules calling for building or overhauling 190,600 square metres of property, including 148,500 square metres of housing, 35,700 square metres of office space for the judiciary and 6,400 square metres of industrial facilities.