Free buses and new routes: Easy ways to reach the fireworks festival

Free buses and new routes: Easy ways to reach the fireworks festival
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Yevgeny Samarin
Free shuttles will operate from the Kashirskaya and Domodedovskaya metro stations. Two bus routes will be canceled, and several more will change.

Surface-transport schedules will change on 18-19 August when Brateyevsky Cascade Park is set to host the International Fireworks Festival. The following free shuttle routes will operate from 5 pm until 12.30 am, making things easier for spectators: 

E1: Kashirskaya metro station-1 Borisovskiye Prudy Street

E2: Domodedovskaya metro station-1 Borisovskiye Prudy Street.

The shuttles will stop at:

  • E1: Kashirskaya metro station, on Marshala Shestopalova Street near the station’s northern hallway;
  • E2: Domodedovskaya metro station, on Kashirskoye Motorway’s side street for inbound traffic at the intersection with Orekhovy Boulevard;
  • E1 and E2: 1 Borisovskiye Prudy Street, on Proyektiruyemy Proyezd No. 4902 for inbound traffic.

New bus routes

Surface-transport routes will also change on these days. Route No. 280 buses will carry passengers from Lyublino metro station to 21 Brateyevskaya Street and via Brateyevskaya Street to Alma-Atinskaya metro station from 7 pm until the festival ends.

The following bus routes will be available from 7.30 pm until the end of festivities:

  • 646: from Tula cinema to 7 Marshala Golovanova Street, then via Novocherkassky Boulevard and Donetskaya Street to the Maryino terminus (without stopping at Maryino metro station);
  • 713 and 749: between Maryino metro station and Porechnaya Street in both directions via the uneven numbered section of Lyublinskaya Street’s side route;

           No. 762: from 8th Maryinsky Park Residential Area to Maryino metro station;

  • 764: from Alma-Atinskaya metro station to Paromnaya Street, then via Klyuchevaya Street and back to Alma-Atinskaya metro station via Paromnaya Street;
  • 738 and 742: will not be running.

Moscow is set to host the 4th International Fireworks Festival, with teams from Austria, Andorra, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Slovakia and the United States showing off their professionalism. The fireworks will be launched from 9 pm until 10.45 pm, with each team performing for around 12 minutes.