Accurate forecasts: Moscow meteorologists master innovative solutions

Accurate forecasts: Moscow meteorologists master innovative solutions
The meteorological service of Avtomobilnye Dorogi, the road maintenance authority, has received data from 45 automatic weather stations spread across the city.

The Wednesday forecast promises strong winds, thunderstorms, rain and isolated hail showers in Moscow. While people in the city get weather alerts well in advance, these are also essential for the utility service providers too. This has led to the capital monitoring the weather patterns around the clock, using ten mathematical models to create weather forecasts for periods ranging from three to 72 hours.

“Forty five automatic weather stations scattered all around the city close to the main roads send hourly weather reports to Avtomobilnye Dorogi, the road maintenance authority. These data, including road surface temperatures, are used to plan street cleaning operations,” Moscow Deputy Mayor for Housing, Utilities and Amenities Pyotr Biryukov said.

The weather stations are equipped with sensors for measuring atmospheric pressure, humidity and precipitation. They also gauge air temperatures, wind direction and speed, as well as snow cover depth and road surface temperatures.

This meteorological service uses innovative methods in its operations. For example, its devices are equipped with ultrasound sensors for measuring wind speed and direction, while precipitation is measured by sensors capable of sensing every single drop.

All these data are put together and analysed taking into consideration the landscape, proximity to trees or parks, rivers of water bodies. These efforts are intended to help road maintenance and utility services understand what is required at every specific location.

Established in 2015, Avtomobilnye Dorogi road maintenance authority provides accurate real-time weather updates for Moscow.