Antiquities in detail: Photo display of rare artifacts at Zaryadye Park

Antiquities in detail: Photo display of rare artifacts at Zaryadye Park
Unique photographs are on display from August 15 to September 2 at the Media Centre pavilion lobby

On August 15, a free photo exhibition, Archeology in Russia: Artifact in history will open in the lobby of the Media Centre pavilion at Zaryadye Park. Visitors will see 15 unique images of ancient artifacts archaeologists discovered in Moscow and other Russian cities. Among them are the famous bison figurine from the mammoth tusk of the Paleolithic times; the Novgorod birchbark manuscript of the 14th century; and a treasure trove of silver coins from the Time of Troubles that have survived to this day. Photographer Andrei Bronnikov captured these unique objects in macro mode.

“The rare artifacts depicted in the photographs at Zaryadye are so small that they can easily fit into the palm of your hand. Thanks to the huge enlargements, visitors will be able to see the details that are visible only through a microscope,” the Zaryadye press service explained.

Some of the archaeological finds will be shown to the general public for the first time. They are not exhibited anywhere and can only be seen on the photos shown at Zaryadye – like for example, a 17th century silver cross with an engraved episode from the life of St Nikita and stove tiles with pictures of mythical creatures of the Ancient World, Pegasus and griffin.

There is a photo of a bison figurine from the mammoth tusk of the Paleolithic times found only 145 kilometers away from Moscow. Thanks to macro photography, it will be possible to examine the engraving and carving used by the sculptor to make the animal’s mane, fringe and fur.

Zaryadye visitors will be able to see and read a message that has come down to us from the depths of the centuries on the photo of a birchbark letter. It was found in 2015 during the development of the park. The manuscript dates back to the 14th century. It is made according to all the standards of the Novgorod original: a strip of birch bark with cut edges specially prepared for writing.

Another photo shows a unique treasure trove from the times of Ivan the Terrible and Boris Godunov. Looking at it, the viewer will learn what kind of coins the townspeople used in the 17th century. The exhibition will last until September 2.

The Media Centre pavilion at Zaryadye park includes the Polyot media complex which currently is showing an interactive film about Moscow’s landmarks, The Flight over Moscow, while the Time Machine media complex is showing a film about the history of the city. The science education lecture room at the Nature Reserve Embassy pavilion offers free lectures on biology, ecology, architecture and medicine.

Anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of geography and learn more about the Arctic and Antarctic needs to visit the ice cave, where visitors are told about the emergence of ice and interesting facts about Russian travelers’ expeditions. Those interested in archeology will enjoy stopping by at the underground museum at Zaryadye. Tickets for all events can be purchased both locally and online on the official website of the park.

At the onset of September a concert venue with 1,600 seats will open in Zaryadye. The events guide is already posted on the official website and tickets are available online.