Breathtaking fireworks at Russkoye Pole festival

Breathtaking fireworks at Russkoye Pole festival
For the first time in the entire history of the Russkoye Pole festival, multi-coloured firework displays will crisscross the skies 200 metres above the ground at Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve and elsewhere during the evening of 18 August.

The dazzling pyrotechnic show with white, navy-blue, red, green and orange volleys is scheduled for 9.30 pm - 9.35 pm at Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve.

Spectators will see over 500 blasts of colour shot up into the evening sky 200 metres above the ground. The fireworks will turn into numerous ornaments resembling white-and-blue Gzhel patterns and Vologda lace, as well as bright flashes similar to the Khokhloma and Dymkovo paintwork.

“This will be the first high-altitude fireworks display in the history of the Russkoye Pole festival. It will be possible to watch the show at Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve and elsewhere. All rockets and firecrackers have been manufactured especially for the event. Part of the firework display will be devoted to Central Russian flowers, including daisies, pansies and cornflowers, that in the form of fireworks will blast their way high into the night sky,” the press service of the City Department for Multicultural Policy and Interregional Cooperation said in a statement.

In conclusion, rockets and firecrackers will draw the several hundred metres long white-blue-red Russian national flag in the sky, wishing everyone all the very best on the occasion of National Flag Day, marked on 22 August.

Russkoye Pole, the largest Slavic art festival in Europe, annually attracts over 3,000 performers and 200,000 spectators who love Russian culture and traditions. The upcoming festival will be the seventh to date. Apart from the traditional programme, people will get a chance to see copies of authentic old-time suits worn in various Russian regions. There will be bell ringing and a heavy weight contest.

On 18-19 August from 9 pm until 10.45 pm, Brateyevsky Cascade Park will be the place to go to watch the Rostec International Fireworks Festival involving teams from eight countries: Austria, Andorra, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Slovakia and the United States.