Reenactment adventures in Moscow: Landmarks of the Times & Epochs Festival

Reenactment adventures in Moscow: Landmarks of the Times & Epochs Festival
Festival guests will have an opportunity to travel to the Roman Republic, Napoleon’s France and even the Stone Age.

Spectacular performances took place during the first weekend of the Times & Epochs Festival in Moscow. Over 200 guests from Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and India, to name a few, will show Muscovites and tourists the customs and traditions of many diverse eras. Reenactors from France will present their views on the Roman Republic, Napoleonic wars and World War I. Dutch reenactors will take visitors to the Early, Middle and Late Stone Age. British teams will recreate the Victorian era, the Seven Years’ War and World War I.

From Champagne to Slovenia

The Historical Projects Contest on Revolution Square has attracted the largest number of foreign guests. In all, there are 39 reenactors from France, Britain, India, Slovenia, Montenegro and Italy.

Reenactors from the historical club Le poilu de la Marne, the French province of Champagne, have come to Moscow for the second time. They are presenting World War I. The same era will be recreated by the members of the British club Croix de Guerre and reenactors from Slovenia and Montenegro. The Italian club, Compagnia dell’Orso, will present a show of drummers and flag bearers. A year ago they won the hearts of Muscovites at the Times & Epochs Collection 2017 festival. Indian reenactors will take visitors to the late 19th century.

Foreign reenactors are also performing on eight Moscow boulevards: Pokrovsky, Yauzsky, Chistoprudny, Sretensky, Petrovsky, Rozhdestvensky, Gogolevsky and Tverskoi. French reenactors will invite people to attend the exhibition of historical suits from the 18th-20th centuries in the Presnya Museum (4 Bolshoi Predtechensky Pereulok).

Herodotus’s Scythia and the Seven Years’ War

Visitors can see Herodotus’s Scythia next to building 8 on Pokrovsky Boulevard. It is being reenacted by 32 foreign experts. Reenactors from the AERA French team and their German counterparts will help visitors take a dip into the Roman Republic, while Italian reenactors from LEGIO X Gemina will present life in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Incidentally, this name is associated with the Roman Legion established by Julius Caesar in 58 B.C. It existed until the beginning of the 5th century A.D.  

Visitors can see projects by 38 reenactors from Britain, Spain and Latvia on Peter’s Grand Embassy venue on 18 Pokrovsky Boulevard. The Association Miquelets De Catalunya will take visitors to the early 18th century. The Catalan reenactors recreate the era of wars for Spanish heritage. It regularly takes part in international historical reenactment festivals and attended last year’s Times & Epochs Collection festival in Moscow.

The John Lambton’s 68th Regiment of Foot infantry unit from Britain is involved in the Seven Years’ War (1756–1763). Reenactors have recreated the life and clothes of the civilians during the 68th Regiment of Foot that took part in the Seven Years’ War, wars in New Zealand and Crimea and other campaigns. Another British team — Crew of the Royal Transport — will perform on Pokrovsky Boulevard. Their Latvian colleagues will also present projects.

Russo-Turkish War and Napoleonic Era

The exposition on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard is devoted to the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878.  There are 23 reenactors form Bulgaria’s leading Dobrich 46th Infantry Regiment Club.  This is the third time it has taken part in the Moscow Festival of Historical Reenactment.  In 2014 it presented the Bulgarian Army of World War I, and last year it portrayed Bulgarian military history from the Middle Ages to World War II.

French experts from the Jean Roch Coignet team are performing at the festival venue From Moscow to Paris on Tverskoi Boulevard. Their interest in the era of Napoleonic wars is reflected in the name: Jean Roch Coignet was a veteran of the Napoleonic wars and took part in 16 military campaigns and 48 battles. He emerged unscathed from all battles: he was never wounded and later described this in his memoirs that remain popular today.

Anyone interested in very ancient times can visit the Dawn of Humanity venue on Petrovsky Boulevard. Life in the Stone Age is being reenacted by experts from Britain, while features of the Bronze Age will be presented by Italian historians. Their German and Dutch colleagues are in charge of the Early Stone Age. Dutch reenactors are also portraying life in the Middle and Late Stone Age.

The Times & Epochs festival is taking place in Moscow on August 10-22. Russian and foreign experts reenact the events of the distant past. The programmes are being shown at 30 festival venues.