Flower town in central Moscow: Three gardens to appear on Novy Arbat

Flower town in central Moscow: Three gardens to appear on Novy Arbat
Entries by finalists of an international landscape design contest will go on public display by 20 August.

Three gardens will appear on Novy Arbat as part of the Flower Jam festival. They will embody the concepts of the finalists of an international landscape design contest. Planting will begin on Saturday, 11 August, and is expected to be completed by 20 August. All three gardens on Novy Arbat are the brainchildren of Russian landscape designers and architects. Visitors will have a chance to enjoy a nice stroll amid fragrant flowers and real plants at any hour and absolutely free of charge.

The blooming In Flow garden designed by Olga Gribova and Anastasia Ostroumova will adorn an area near 13 Novy Arbat. It will symbolise a mega city with flows of people, a throbbing mix of various cultures, views, ambitions and characters. The creators use basic colours (red, blue and green) and plants of various shapes, sizes and scents. The garden will be a welcome retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of the megalopolis, enabling visitors to revel in the beauty of nature.

The Lentulov Facets garden, the entry of Anna Lozinskaya and Anait Akopyan, will be a combination of recreation spots and natural landscapes, based on the favourite colours and forms of Aristarkh Lentulov, one of the fathers of the Russian avant-garde. His contemporaries noted that his paintings exuded sunshine. Theatre director Alexander Tairov even called him Yarila, the God of Sunlight. Composer Alexander Skryabin regarded Lentulov’s paintings as an amazing synthesis of music, colour and light. To convey Lentulov’s colour palette, the creators will use more than 20 flower species of various tones and shades: hydrangeas, asters, geraniums, stonecrops, verbascums, solidagos, salvias and many others too.

The third garden, On Seven Hills, designed by Oksana Khleborodova, will be planted near 21 Novy Arbat. Even though the famous Moscow hills exist only in the garden’s name, the author will attempt to restore the initial natural landscape: hills enveloped in greenery with eye-feasting bright flower spots. The basic plants will be pines, birches and hydrangeas. Numerous shades of pink (phloxes, purple echinaceas and other flower species) will form a separate palette.

According to Flower Jam festival organisers, Novy Arbat will become a real flower town in the centre of the city: “The creators of our projects worked hard to blend their gardens into an urban environment, while simultaneously changing it into something to remember.”