Metro to issue special Times & Epochs travelcards

Metro to issue special Times & Epochs travelcards
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Yevgeny Samarin
The themed Unified travelсard is to remind metro passengers about the start of one of the most ambitious historical festivals.

Unified travelсards with a design dedicated to the Times & Epochs Historical Reenactment Festival will be available at Moscow Metro ticket offices from 10 August. The festival will run from 10 to 22 August.

The front of the Unified travelcard will feature a round logo with the festival’s name, Times & Epochs, and a decorative stripe of interwoven stringed musical instruments, coins and different headwear. The back side will also feature the decorative stripe, above which will be the words The Moscow Festival of History.

“We will issue 400,000 Unified travelcards for one, two, 20 or 40 trips. The special design will remind our passengers about one of Moscow’s most ambitious historical festivals,” the Moscow Metro press service commented.

Moscow will host the Times & Epochs Festival for the eighth time. In all, 30 venues will be open daily from 11 am to 9 pm in various city districts. Admission will be free.

Seventeen venues will be spread out over an area of 10 kilometres between Gogolevsky and Yauzsky boulevards. Reenactors in historical costumes will welcome guests. The festival will boast colourful decorations and an interesting interactive programme.

Walking down the boulevards, Muscovites and visitors will be able to stop by to see theatrical performances, try on costumes, take part in craft workshops and play old games.