Lace, ethno-jeans and wedding dresses: What fashionable women can find at Russkoye Polye

Lace, ethno-jeans and wedding dresses: What fashionable women can find at Russkoye Polye
The Slavic art festival will offer she-warrior clothes and dresses made of Pavlovo Posad shawls.

Folk wedding dresses, bobbin lace items, stage costumes and many other things will be shown at the Russkoye Polye festival, which will take place at the Kolomenskoye Estate Museum on 18 August.

Authentic costumes worn in many Russian governorates will be presented on the festival fashion runway. For example, a designer from the Astrakhan Region will bring an ethnographic theatre costume. The history of her native land inspired her to create it. Artistic designer Lydia Budishcheva will show a Yakut national costume’s copy. Olga Irkli will dedicate her Northern and Slavonic She-Warriors collection to she-warriors.

“The national costume is an integral part of every national culture; it emphasises its richness and identity. We invite everyone to come to the Russkoye Polye festival on 18 August to admire the beauty of authentic costumes in the Slavonic style,” said Vitaly Suchkov, Head of the Department for Multicultural Policy and Interregional Cooperation.

For the first time, designers will show modern clothes with ethnic motifs on the Girls’ Row platform. Here visitors will see dresses made from Pavlovo Posad shawls, ethno-jeans and even sportswear. Designer Olga Gayevskaya from St Petersburg will demonstrate outdoor clothes made of viscose, denim and fur.

Lace will take pride of place at the Russkoye Polye show. Designers from Yelets, Kirov and Vologda will bring bobbin lace items to the festival. Girls’ Row will present capes, jackets, collars, cuffs and babies’ Christening robes.

Fiancées will also walk the festival runway. A delegation from Udmurtia will show wedding dresses made with traditional hand-weaving techniques of embroidery and fillet and Spriggy knits with birch bark, bast and patchwork.

Admission is free.