Navigation tracker and deep-diving robot to take centre stage at Geek Picnic festival

Navigation tracker and deep-diving robot to take centre stage at Geek Picnic festival
Young people studying at technology parks will also present their projects. Festival guests will be able to talk to a robot called Boris and assemble a car on their own.

Kolomenskoye Park will host Geek Picnic, a popular science festival, on 11 and 12 August. The most ingenious developments, from trackers to help visually-impaired people to an identification system to count an employee’s working hours, will be presented on “Startup Alley.”

“Every day Moscow-based technology companies develop revolutionary technology for all areas, including transport, medicine, industry and entertainment,” said Alexei Fursin, head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship.

One of the developments to be presented at the festival is a navigation tracker for visually-impaired people. This is a small device with a microphone, a loudspeaker and a call button, which is attached to the arm or a belt. The navigator identifies the wearer’s location and provides guidance to him/her through voice instructions.

Another development is a biometric identification system that only lets employees enter an office or a plant after scanning their palms. The device counts an employee’s working hours and prevents tipsy people from entering a building. It is 30 percent to 50 percent less expensive than similar foreign devices

Russian developers will also present a portable hand-held projector. It can be used to display videos on a wall or a ceiling. The mini projector comes with pre-loaded cartoons, slide shows, shadow theatre lessons, children’s songs and lullabies.

Developments from youth industrial parks

Young developers studying at Moscow-based children’s industrial parks will also present their projects. Festival goers will be able to talk to a robot named Boris, who is believed to be Siri and Alisa’s rival.

deep-diving robot is another student development. Thanks to a built-in camera, viewers will be able to watch the robot conduct underwater exploration in real time. 

The Moscow Polytechnic University Technology Park stand will offer Geek Picnic guests a chance to compete to be the first in assembling a car with a constructor kit, as well as in a mini race on a mini course. An infusion vacuum unit will also be showcased at the festival. 

Kalibr and Abstract technology parks will hold workshops for the public to learn more about virtual reality technology, 3D animation and how to create smart city facilities.

This year admission to Geek Picnic will be free, however, prior registration on is required. Young festival visitors will be able to sign up at any youth technology park.