Naval speedboat zooms along Moskva River: Times & Epochs festival to prove smash success

Naval speedboat zooms along Moskva River: Times & Epochs festival to prove smash success
People will be able to navigate the festival’s 30-plus venues and chart their own routes by simply using a mobile app.

The Times & Epochs historical festival is to take off on 10 August, with Russian and foreign reenactors unveiling their gigs.

“Over 1,500 reenactors have already registered on the website, and so they will be able to take part in the festival. Most of them are Russians, but people from 20 other countries will also come here,” said Moscow Government Minister and Head of the City Department of Trade and Services Alexei Nemeryuk.

The festival organisers have already developed a special mobile app that will help tourists and other people in Moscow to easily get around the festival venues independently or with a guide and learn more about any specific historical period at the various events taking place. 

For example, the app’s interactive map will help locate a real naval speedboat dating back to the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 on the Moskva River. “The speedboat was reconstructed especially for the Times & Epochs festival,” said Managing Partner of the Ratobortsy (Warriors) Historical Projects Agency Alexei Ovcharenko.

Toys from bygone days

Moscow’s Tsvetnoi Boulevard was the venue of Outdoor Games, an event held in the run-up to the festival, with participants trying their luck at ten games from various historical periods, from Antiquity to the 19th century. Military tents, wattle-fences and handmade benches decorated game areas and matched specific eras, with historical reenactors acting as games instructors.

This September, there are plans to hold Fiery Bulge, a festival dealing with the history of tank forces at the former Cherkizkovsky marketplace.

This year, the capital is hosting the eighth Times & Epochs festival to date. People will be able to watch cosplays reenacting various historical events, visit exhibitions, become a student at a medieval university plus see how artisans create their masterpieces.