State-of-the-art operating theatres at Filatov Hospital

State-of-the-art operating theatres at Filatov Hospital
Twenty-seven operating theatres and four intensive care units with 42 beds have been completely done up and now have state-of-the-art medical equipment.

The city has finished doing up and reequipping the surgery/intensive care unit at Filatov City Clinical Hospital No. 15. In all, 27 operating theatres and four intensive care units with 42 beds have been completely done up and now have state-of-the-art medical equipment. Surgeons carry out both routine and emergency operations in such fields as general surgery, traumatology, gynaecology, proctology, contaminated surgery, cardio-surgery, neuro-surgery, vascular surgery and ophthalmology.

“Each year, surgeons at Filatov Hospital No. 15 perform over 25,000 operations, mostly using high-tech equipment. New operating theatres will considerably expand our hospital’s surgical potential, making it possible to treat city residents, including those of the Eastern Administrative Area where our hospital is located. From now on, our surgeons will be able to perform up to 35,000 operations annually or 33 percent more than before. New operating theatres boast up-to-date high class equipment,” said Moscow Government Minister and Head of the City Department of Healthcare Alexei Khripun.

Special damage-resistant material with anti-bacterial coating was used to cover the surgery/intensive care unit’s facilities. A new ventilation system ensures the laminar flow of sterile air inside operating theatres. This type of ventilation reduces the risk of patients contracting infection-related complications. The operating theatres also boast ceiling-mounted consoles for installing high-tech surgical and anaesthesiology equipment which allow doctors to quickly use various devices while treating patients.

The hospital’s intensive care unit includes central stations for monitoring the condition of patients, mobile X-ray machines for use during traumatology operations, blood-gas analysers and specialised electric-surgery coagulators for staunching the flow of blood. A hybrid operating theatre, due to open in the not too distant future, will have a digital angiograph with high-precision visualisation for detecting cardio-vascular problems. 

Filatov City Clinical Hospital No. 15 ranks among the city’s largest multipurpose inpatient clinics and is also part of its stroke and cardiac-arrest treatment chain. The latter consists of 29 vascular centres that have been established at multipurpose city hospitals, including the Davydovsky Hospital, the Sklifosovsky ResearchInstitute of Emergency Medicine, the Botkin Hospital and some others as well. Ambulances rush patients suffering from heart attacks to any of these clinics. If necessary, doctors operate on patients, fitting them with heart-vessel stents.

Today, 48 city hospitals provide every conceivable high-tech sort of treatment. The 20 medical profiles utilise almost 1,500 up to date methods. In the past seven years, the city has purchased over 150,000 pieces of high-tech equipment. Everything has been connected to an integral monitoring system that makes it possible to monitor their performance. Should in the unlikely case a device malfunctions it is promptly replaced without delay.

Moscow’s cardio-surgeons have recently operated on a 20-year-old female suffering from a rare type of tachycardia. Doctors performed video-assisted sympathectomy on her at the Buyanov City Hospital.The patient who is now feeling fine has already been discharged.