VDNKh after sunset: The sights of night-time tour

VDNKh after sunset: The sights of night-time tour
Visitors will learn the history of the exhibition and see the iconic pavilions in a new light

The country’s main exhibition centre opens this season’s night tour on 3 August. Visitors will be able to see VDNKh’s architecture in the rays of the setting sun, walk along the evening alleys and learn facts about the exhibition centre’s history. The tour will be given on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 pm to 10 pm.

The tour includes VDNKh’s main landmarks, such as the arches of the main entrance, pavilions of the Central Alley and Industry Square, plus the famous Friendship of Nations and Stone Flower fountains. These unique fountains and pavilion buildings will be seen in a new light and will include a closer look at the restored vases, mosaics and panels.  

The stylobate of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman pavilion will be the starting point of the tour. It will continue to Montreal Pavilion No.70 at the northern entrance arch, then the tour will follow the Central Alley and Industry Square to see the details of the newly-restored Space (Cosmos) Pavilion No.34. The  night tour will also include the facades of the renovated Central Pavilion No. 1, Kazakhstan pavilion No.11 and Agriculture Pavilion No.58. The tour will end by the arch at the main entrance.

The tour is 300 roubles. Reserve by phone +7 (495) 544-34-96 or +7 (495) 544-34-73 or by email tour@vdnh.ru.

The revival of the country’s main exhibition centre began at the end of 2013. The second phase of the large restoration programme began last spring. Several historical and architectural monuments, including the Golden Spike fountain and the main entrance arch have been restored at VDNKh. The central part of the grounds and the square near the main entrance were also rebuilt.