Free Wi-Fi for Big Circle Line’s riders

Free Wi-Fi for Big Circle Line’s riders
Over 60,000 riders can use free Wi-Fi on all 18 trains of the metro’s new Big Circle Line running between the Petrovsky Park, CSKA, Khoroshevskaya, Shelepikha and Delovoi Tsentr stations. Up to 200 people can simultaneously access Wi-Fi inside each carriage.

Free Wi-Fi is available in trains of the metro’s Big Circle Line whose first section with the Petrovsky Park, CSKA, Khoroshevskaya, Shelepikha and Delovoi Tsentr stations opened in February 2018.

“Free Wi-Fi is now available to over 60,000 riders on the new Big Circle Line sections daily between the Petrovsky Park and Delovoi Tsentr stations,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor and Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov.

The metro tunnels were fitted with 40 basic transmitting stations and 40 kilometres of cables. All 18 trains on the line offer Wi-Fi hotspots, with internet speeds of up to 150 megabits per second (MB/s). This ensures up to 200 simultaneous connections per carriage.

“Over 2 million metro riders use free Wi-Fi daily. People want to stay online even on the public transit system. Today, Wi-Fi is available on 96 percent of the metro system,” Mr Liksutov noted.

To connect, select MT_FREE on the accessible networks list, open the browser and register. A login and a password can be established via an account on the government services website, or use a phone number to receive a text message.

The metro, surface transport, including the MCC, buses, trolleybuses and trams provide free Wi-Fi access. Add to this over 300 streets and 40 parks. Each Wi-Fi hotspot provides a connection within a 50 metre radius, and no repeat authorisation is needed when changing hotspots.

Since early 2018, the city has installed over 2,200 free Wi-Fi hotspots. Now another 118 streets inside the Third Ring Road as well as eight parks also provide Wi-Fi access. Free Wi-Fi has also been available at 88 cultural centres, 84 libraries and all 13 Moskino cinemas since January.