The Purr-fect post: how to become a popular blogger if you are a cat

The Purr-fect post: how to become a popular blogger if you are a cat
How do you interview a cat? No big deal if he is a social media star. Check out these cat owners talking about their pets conquering Instagram.

Zeus: wedding with Athena and meeting with Mostik

Abyssinian cat. Born 11 January. 8,000 subscribers on Instagram

Zeus began his photo-model career hours after birth. All this time, subscribers have followed the cat’s growth, what he does, what he eats and how he likes to relax. The cat’s fans comment on his photos, give him likes, participate in contests, paint his portraits and even send gifts.

Zeus owes his popularity to his Ma (mother, or the owner, in cat blogger slang). Inna Mitina and Zeus are inseparable, as with his account on Instagram. She knows a lot of ways to take a good shot; knows what to say to get the star to cooperate, how to calm him down and put him in the right mood.

“I knew Abyssinian cats look good in photos. When we adopted Zeus, we immediately decided to see if he was that photogenic. He had no problem with his looks, but getting the playful cat to pose in front of the camera is still the main question. Abyssinian cats can never be trained to pose, but with a good technique, they can be negotiated. I say to him, “Get it together, Zeus! Let's take this photo and you can go play.” I also have a magic wand that distracts him. These methods work, but sometimes I follow him for 30 minutes with the phone,” says Inna Mitina.

Zeus participates in contests regularly. Recently he won a set of cat cosmetics, and a bag for his Ma. He also won the contest sponsored by the Cat Mostik, the mascot of the Crimea bridge. His prize was a personalised mug.

Zeus has a busy schedule. His immediate plans include a tour of Russian cities. The first destination will be Voronezh where Zeus will visit the monument to the Lizyukova Street kitten. Then he will go to the Rostov Region to see a real crayfish. In the Krasnodar Territory, Zeus will have a wedding with the cat Athena. Predictably, they met on Instagram. After that, Zeus will cross the Crimea bridge and visit Mostik as well as the mountain Koshka (Cat) in Crimea. The owner is already preparing the cat for the trip, packing his things and necessary supplies.

“I'm very happy that we have Zeus. Thanks to him, I now have like-minded people and friends on the web. With many of them I can talk, meet and share experience in training pets,” Inna Mitina says.

One of these friends is Anna Zimina, the owner of the no less impressive cat, Aristotle.

Aristotle: hunting instinct and love of rice

Bengal cat. Born 4 August. 1,300 subscribers on Instagram

Aristotle’s blogging life began when his owner was casually talking with other Bengal cat owners on the web. Initially, the account that now belongs to Aristotle was Anna's account, but the cat's pictures began to prevail on the feed. In the end he completely displaced his owner on the page and became the main character in all the posts.

“Our cat has a very well developed hunting instinct, which comes in handy at photo sessions. We try to distract him, to get its interest so that he stops moving for a minute,” Anna Zimina says.

The cat’s name was suggested by Anna's son. He decided to call the kitten Aris, but after some debate in the family, the name was expanded - so he was named Aristotle. Sometimes they shorten it to Ris – for his special love of rice. The cat doesn’t like traveling and doesn’t take it well, so he's more likely a homebody than a traveller.

According to the cats’ mothers, the secret to popularity in social networks is surprisingly simple: you need to keep the account active, alive. To do this, you need to post things regularly, post high-quality photos, accompany them with interesting text, preferably with humour. You need to keep track of popular memes and trends on the web, communicate with other users, comment and like and like and like them.

This material was prepared by the correspondents of the First Student Agency.