Weather forecast: a warm but abnormally rainy Friday

Weather forecast: a warm but abnormally rainy Friday
There will be thunderstorms with gusts of wind up to 17 m/s.

On Friday, 20th July, Moscow will experience the occasional heavy rain showers with thunderstorms in some districts and gusts of wind up to 17 m/s. The weather, however, will remain fairly warm with the temperature approaching + 26˚C.

It is quite likely that a few electricity lines might get damaged during the thunderstorms. Trees and any poorly secured billboards might not stay upright due to the strong winds, which is why pedestrians are strongly advised to avoid walking anywhere near building sites or any places that appear to be unstable. When it comes to drivers, they are advised to park their cars in garages or as far away from trees as possible.

In the evening of 19 July, there was also plenty of very heavy rain in Moscow. One third of a month’s rainfall fell in less than 24 hours. A total of 275 teams with over 1,100 workers and 367 vehicles, including specialised ones, were operating in the city at the initiative of the Mosvodostok.

During the weekend and almost all of next week, the weather in Moscow will be hot and wet. Only on Thursday, 26 July, it will become drier, while the temperature will top 33˚C.

The number of weather-related hazards, including strong winds and heavy precipitation, has been increasing lately due to climate change.