Jazz, TV show and street art: Weekend at Moscow Urban Forum

Jazz, TV show and street art: Weekend at Moscow Urban Forum
Festivalgoers will be able to attend film screenings, lectures, yoga classes, plus sample cheese. This guide to events being held during the festival weekend will help Muscovites not to miss out on anything interesting.

From 17 to 22 July, Zaryadye Park will be hosting the Moscow Urban Forum festival. Visitors will be able to watch movies on the largest cities of the world, as well as attend concerts, plays, sports competitions, startup contests and urban design workshops.

Festivalgoers will be able to enjoy street food, quests and contests, tours and workshops, attend street photography exhibits, waltz on the amphitheatre stage and listen to the music of the best experimental performers from all over the world.

The events will be held at seven venues at Zaryadye’s concert hall, plus 12 more park venues. This guide of the events to be held during the festival weekend, on 21 and 22 July, will help people have an interesting weekend.

Jazz, electronica and Bosnian accordion: Unusual music at the Large Amphitheatre

On Saturday and Sunday evenings, the forum fest will be dedicated to indie experimental music. On these days, Zaryadye’s Large Amphitheatre will host the ‘In the Rhythm of the City’ concerts. On Saturday, visitors will be able to enjoy music by Bosnian accordion player Mario Batkovic, while the band, Fogh Depot from Moscow will be playing music that combines neoclassical, jazz and electronica.

On Sunday, visitors will be able to listen to the music of the Italian band Clap! Clap!, who combine African beat with elements of Eurodance music. The ethnic theme will continue with a performance by Jekka, indie pop female singer, whose music is inspired by ancient Slavic culture. Festivalgoers will also be able to attend a DJ set by Long Arm from St Petersburg, who will be performing in collaboration with drummer Ruslan Gadzhimuradov.

The concert on Saturday will start at 8 pm, Sunday at 7 pm. On both days, these indie music concerts will last for three hours.

Gene testing for stress tolerance at the Nature Centre

At the park’s Nature Centre, visitors will be able to take a gene test to find out how stress-tolerant they are. Anyone will be able to find out more about their personality and their ability to cope with the challenges of life. Inside a special lab, experts will test for the COMT gene, which is responsible for the body’s resilience towards stress.

Participants need to sign up in advance. The tests will be offered from noon to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday at the Nature Centre’s lecture hall No.1.

Children change the city: Two-day workshop at Nature Centre

During the entire weekend, the park’s Nature Centre will be hosting ‘Child in the City – Childhood Culture’ workshop. Young visitors will be able to speak up about the changes they would like to see in Moscow, their districts and courtyards by building their own model of the city and introducing the changes the city needs. The young city builders will be able to divide the large layout plan of the city into thematic zones and plan their own districts, so that life becomes comfortable and entertaining.

The workshop will be held on the weekend, on 21-22 July, from noon to 6 pm.

More venues for children: Fashion show, interactive play and TV presenters’ school at the Small Amphitheatre

At the Small Amphitheatre, children will be the main guests. At 10 am, the amphitheatre will host a dancing flashmob, while at 10.30 am, it will host a fashion show featuring children as models, directors and fashion designers.

At 11.30 am, it will host an interactive play, where visitors will become actors. Children will be able to take lessons at the actors’ academy, practice their roles and then perform them on a big stage. Skilled experts will train children in acting and explain how they can use their imaginations, deliver lines clearly and move softly onstage.

At 12.30 am, children will be invited to participate in a real TV show shoot. There, they will be able to learn more about the profession of TV presenters, and attend a workshop.

Manhole cover prints on shirts: German street art at Urban Design Shop

On 21 July, visitors will be able to see the work of street artists Raubdruckerin from Berlin, who are famous for their unusual prints on t-shits, hoodies and tote bags, which they call ‘city footprints.’ With the help of paint, these artists make prints of manhole covers, vent grilles and utility grids right on the street,  using pedestrians’ bags and clothes. Raubdruckerin work not in Berlin alone, but also in Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon, and many other European cities.

A presentation of Raubdruckerin art will be held from 11 am to 5 pm.

On the same day, German artist Emma-France Raff will give a lecture on the street art culture.

#Beshenayasushka fat-burning project: Talking healthy lifestyle at the Large Amphitheatre

On Sunday, 22 July, healthy lifestyle promoter Vasily Smolny will talk about living an active life while having a desk job. Visitors will be able to learn to train in a large city and use the city’s advantages for a healthy lifestyle.

Visitors will also be able to compete for prizes that Smolny will be giving out during his lecture. The lecture will start at 1 pm.

Theatrical journey to Paris: Family Bakery play by the Kitai-Gorod Wall

Theatre of Taste invites festivalgoers to attend an interactive play called Family Bakery. Their guests will take a journey to a bakery in Paris managed by a certain Mr Jean Jules Jacque to learn more about the ancient culinary traditions of France. Romantic accordion music, the smell of rosemary and dimmed lights will contribute to the convincingly Parisian atmosphere.

The play starts on Saturday, 21 July, at 4.30 pm. Every visitor will be presented with a bun baked according to a French recipe.

Strength and health: Hatha yoga on River Overlook footbridge

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, Zaryadye’s River Overlook footbridge will host yoga classes. On 8 am, festivalgoers will be able to learn more about Hatha yoga – the set of ancient Indian exercises for mind and body. The first class will start at 9 am; it will be held by a professional yoga instructor Olga Marquez. She will show visitors yoga positions that stretch every essential muscle group, including the press muscles. At 9 am on Sunday, she will also host a class on Akhila yoga.

To participate, sign up for one of the following:

— Hatha yoga on Saturday, 21 July;

— Hatha yoga on Sunday, 22 July;

— Yoga by Olga Marquez on Saturday, 21 July;

— Akhila yoga on Sunday, 22 July.

Experimental City: Film screenings at the festival

Moscow Urban Forum is about film screenings, too. On Sunday at 2 pm, the park’s concert hall will show The Experimental City film, which expands on the story of a bold urban development project. In the 1960s, a group of scientists suggested building a city under a dome, but the society and environmentalists were strongly opposed to the idea. This is a story of scientific progress being hampered by the lack of understanding from the conservatives and those defending traditional city planning concepts.

The list of films to be shown at the festival includes, Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf (Friday, 20 July, 20.30 pm) and Brasilia: Life After Design (Thursday, 19 July, 8 pm).

The wild ‘90s: Oleg Tsodikov’s lecture on Russia’s dance culture

On Friday, 22 July, Zaryadye’s Concert Hall will host a lecture on Russia’s dance culture of the 1990s. Club producer Oleg Tsodikov will be presenting his book, MADE in Dance. 1991–1999, which will hit the book stores this October. In his book, the author will speak about the origins of dance culture in Russia, its further development and the current trends. The book also includes interviews with the stars of the 1990s dance scene, as well as a great number of pictures from personal archives of former partygoers and professional photographers.

Festivalgoers will also be able to talk to the author and ask him questions.

The lecture starts at 6.15 pm.

From New York with love: Cheese and wine tasting with Jessica Wurwarg

On Saturday, 21 July, Zaryadye’s Concert Hall will host a workshop by Jessica Wurwarg from New York. At 1.30 pm, a local cheese and wine tasting will start. Ms Wurwarg will explain why certain flavours go together so well while others do not, and will expand on the gastronomic culture of the city. Wine connoisseur Yegor Kolosov and cheese connoisseur Varazdat Yeganyan will be helping the guest from New York during the workshop.