Troika cards: So popular and not only for transport

Troika cards: So popular and not only for transport
The convenient Troika cards are becoming more and more popular with passengers who like their versatile design and handy applications. Metro ticket offices have sold a total of 17.7 million since they went on sale.

Metro passengers have bought over 2.5 million Troika cards since early 2018.This is 17 percent more than the same period last year when almost 2.2 million Troika cards were sold.

“Since they were made available in April 2013, 17.7 million Troika cards have been sold and they are becoming ever more popular. This is because they can be used on all kinds of transport together with the fact they look tremendously trendy. Apart from the usual blueish greenish Troika cards, the Moscow Metro traditionally issues thematic fare passes dedicated to various important events,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor and Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov.

For example, there were Troika cards released to mark the opening of the first section of the Big Circle Line, the Okruzhnaya, Seligerskaya and Likhobory stations, the Moscow Metro’s 83rd anniversary and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Since 2017, Troika cards are also available shaped like pendants, bracelets and rings that help passengers save time because they no longer have to rummage through their bags and pockets before using the turnstiles. Between January-June 2018, people in Moscow bought an estimated 30,000 Troika-card accessories, including over 17,000 of the most popular ones namely Troika pendants.

The Troika card loyalty programme was launched in June and it’s available for those passengers who registered online and use the Koshelyok fare. They should present their cards at partner retail outlets in order to collect bonus points and discounts. All this will be recorded on the Troika card, regardless of payment options for goods and services. The accumulated bonus points worth one rouble each can be used to top up a Troika card.

Today, Troika card users can obtain bonus points and discounts at shops, chemists, restaurants, dry cleaners, private health clinics, beauty parlours, cinemas and from other partners plus the points can be used to travel free of charge on public transport.