Almost weightlessness: A flying trapeze appears in Gorky Park

Almost weightlessness: A flying trapeze appears in Gorky Park
Visitors can learn to perform circus tricks up in the air.

Until September, there will be a trapeze at Gorky Park. The 10-metre-high and 30-metre-long structure will lift into the air even those who have never tried this circus skill before.

Both one-time flights and courses on circus arts basics are available: an aerial gymnastics school has opened at the park. All visitors – adults and kids older than four – are invited to try aerial silks acrobatics, trampoline jumping, tightrope walking and juggling.

The students, made-up and dressed like real circus artists, will demonstrate their skills during special evening shows alongside their teachers and professional gymnasts.

The summer aerial gymnastics school opened in Moscow for the third consecutive year. In 2016, it attracted more than 4,000 people.

All classes cost a fee. 2018 FIFA World Cup fans will get 10 percent off until the end of the tournament upon producing their FAN IDs.          

You can sign up for a training course on the school’s website or by telephone at +7 (499) 130-80-65.