2018 World Cup on tracks: Vityaz-M trams broadcast football news

2018 World Cup on tracks: Vityaz-M trams broadcast football news
New World Cup related content is available on 180 Vityaz-M trams with real-time updates.

New content has been uploaded to media panels on Vityaz-M trams during the World Cup. Passengers can see announcements, match results and learn interesting facts about football.

In addition, the media content on Vityaz-M trams now includes a special section. Football fans from all over the world greet passengers and share their impressions of the games with their favourite teams and rejoice over their victories. Correspondents record interviews with football fans in fan zones in Russia and abroad.

“Thousands of foreign football fans have arrived in Moscow. Therefore, all information was translated into English. The new content is available on all 180 Vityaz-M trams operating in Moscow every day,” commented Dmitry Yerzamayev, Director of the Mosgortrans Department of Information Technology and Communications.

The media screens continue to display all necessary information about traffic, the route, stops and transfers.

An additional fan zone will open on 7 July near Spartak Stadium where even more people will be able to support their favourite teams.

Three-unit Vityaz-M trams were first launched in Moscow in March 2017. Currently, 180 cars operate on the lines. There are plans to increase the fleet to 300 cars by the end of 2019. The trams run in the northeast, east, southeast, south and in the city centre. Each tram can carry over 200 people. The interior is equipped with air conditioning, satellite navigation, CCTV cameras, free Wi-Fi and USB chargers.