Zaryadye guide book: The park receives a mobile app

Zaryadye guide book: The park receives a mobile app
Using a free mobile service, it is possible to buy a ticket and find out about the exhibitions, lectures and concerts held in the park.

An official mobile application has been launched for Zaryadye Park visitors, Sergei Sobyanin reported on his Twitter page.


The free service is already available for downloading at the Android and iOS online stores. Simply enter the word Zaryadye in the search field. The app is available in Russian and English. You need mobile internet or Wi-Fi to be able to use it.  

“Using the mobile app, you can get information on upcoming festivals, concerts, exhibits, lectures and other events in the park and also buy tickets for the events without queuing at the ticket offices,” said Zaryadye Park Director Pavel Trekhleb.

The new service contains an interactive map which will help you get your bearings in the park: understand where the pavilions, restaurants, landscape zones and infrastructure facilities are located. App users will also find detailed information on the plant species in the park. The mobile catalogue features about 150 species of plants whose natural geography spreads from the far north to the southern steppe. The Zaryadye History chapter offers the history of the oldest Moscow district and the park. At different times Zaryadye housed trading fairs, an ambassadorial district and even slums, before the park was laid out.  

In addition, the mobile app offers excursion routes and walking tours in Moscow to see the city’s highlights. These walking tours are called Trade and Merchant Moscow, Nikolskaya Street was a Place for Liberal Education and Kitai-Gorod Monasteries and Churches. During these tours users will walk past the old monasteries and churches in Kitai-Gorod, see the English Yard, visit the Epiphany Monastery, the Church of St Kosma and St Damian on Maroseyka Street and also see the surviving architecture of merchant Moscow and the Zamoskvorechye District.

Electronic ticket sales are also available on the Zaryadye Park website. All those interested can buy online tickets to the Flight Over Moscow and Time Machine media centres, the Ice Cave, the underground archaeology museum and lectures at the Nature Centre.

Zaryadye Park opened during Moscow’s 870th anniversary celebrations on 9 September 2017. The grounds are divided into four sectors: forest, the steppe, meadow and northern landscape. The park also includes the River Overlook footbridge, the Large Amphitheatre, the scientific and educational Nature Centre, an exhibition hall and a media centre.

In June, Zaryadye Park was put on the short list of the World Architecture Festival Contest in the Landscape Project category. Besides the Moscow park, the list of  candidates in the competition includes projects from Beijing, Singapore, Sydney and other world cities. Zaryadye has received prestigious international awards: together with the Luzhniki Sport Complex, the park was nominated for the 2018 MIPIM Awards. Zaryadye also won the ArchDaily Award in the Best Public Space  project category.