72 more hotels and hostels approved during World Cup

72 more hotels and hostels approved during World Cup
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Yevgeny Samarin
Moscow hotels are coping with the influx of fans and are 90 percent full.

Another 72 Moscow hotels have been rated and had their customer service standards approved; most are hostels and hotels with a zero-star ratings. Also, four five-star, three four-star and 12 three-star hotels have been approved. Three hotels have received two-star ratings, and four hotels one-star ratings. Forty-six hotels acquired a zero-star rating.

“In the run-up to the World Cup, a total of 1,453 hotels underwent the rating procedure,” said Nikolai Gulyayev, head of the Sport and Tourism Department. “In the two weeks of the tournament, another 72 hotels have had their ratings upheld. Therefore, Moscow has 1,525 rated hotels at the moment. Hotels, which have not been rated, can apply for approval any time, now or after the championship. The Moscow hotel sector is coping with the influx of tourists. The city’s Sport and Tourism Department identified only a few violations of the pricing policy in hotels. The World Cup is a powerful driving force for Moscow business, including the hospitality sector. I am sure that the football championship will substantially raise Moscow’s tourist rating, which will attract more travellers.”

He said hotels in Moscow were 90 percent occupied, and at capacity in central Moscow. Some fans are leaving early because their teams didn’t make the Round of 16. However, this has barely affected the overall number of hotel residents. Many tourists come to the city not only to see the matches but also to walk the streets and absorb the festive football spirit that prevails here this summer.

Hotels in 2018 World Cup host cities must have been inspected since January 1, 2017. Hotels that fail the to meet inspection requirements cannot accept visitors.

Moscow has few hotels with the top five-star rating, only 35 hotels with 12,800 rooms. Five-star hotels will offer the biggest rooms and the highest service standards. Unlike lower category hotels, five-star hotels change the bedding every day, provide the fastest broadband everywhere in its facility and (unlike four-star hotels) have a swimming pool. Zero-star hotels offer the least expensive accommodation and have to meet only minimal requirements.