Moscow Urban Forum opens festival programme registration

Moscow Urban Forum opens festival programme registration
The programme will include film screenings, workshops, concerts and lectures.

Registration for the Moscow Urban Forum’s festival programme is open. The event will take place on 17-22 July in Zaryadye Park.

This year’s festival programme will feature over 100 events. Zaryadye Park will run films, plays, workshops, lectures by stars of world urbanism, and yoga classes on the River Overlook footbridge by singer Olga Markes.

The programme will have three parts. The first one will be made up of lectures, masterclasses and discussions about architecture, transport, the economy, health and amusements. The second one will consist of sports activities, and the third one will offer entertainment events. The highlights will include concerts by Bosnian accordion player Mario Batkovic, the Moscow trio Fogh Depot and indie-pop singer Jekka as well as a show of the Italian project Clap! Clap!

Speaking at the festival will be entrepreneur Richard Florida, automotive industry executive Robert “Bob” Lutz, Vice President at the Brookings Institution Darrell West and writer William Powers. Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas will also attend the forum and give an open interview to Vladimir Pozner.

On 21-22 July, those who wish will be able to take a genotype test and to learn their level of stress resistance. Other activities will include a two-day workshop on making an art installation for adults and children, Child in the City: The Culture of Childhood; a conversation with Viktoria Novikova on city adaptation tools; a masterclass for painters, programmers and activists; and a workshop on how to organise a community.   

The festival will also present a show of German street musicians who will create prints using paint and manholes. Visitors will be able to decorate their clothes or handbags with unusual patterns.

Film fans will enjoy the documentaries The Experimental City, which reveals the conflict between scientific progress and traditional concepts of a city, and Brasilia: Life After Design, dedicated to an ambitious urban development plan worked out in Brazil.

The festival’s programme, map and registration for events are available on the website of the Moscow Urban Forum