Where to watch the World Cup besides the Fan Fest

Where to watch the World Cup besides the Fan Fest
Big screens have been set up in the city for everyone to be able to watch football. Matches are also being shown at many hotels, cafes and restaurants.

The last few days have seen an unprecedented sports atmosphere for Moscow; the city has not seen so many fans in decades. The central streets and the Fan Fest sites are tremendously popular. The city security system is operating smoothly and there have not been any major incidents during the first days of the championship.

The most popular matches are still to come. This means the Fan Fest site at Vorobyovy Gory will keep attracting more and more fans. It was designed for 25,000 people, and if this number is exceeded it will be risky for football fans. Thus, fans are requested to choose other sites in addition to Vorobyovy Gory.

It is possible to watch the matches at many places. For example, in the Museum of Moscow, the Football Museum on Novy Arbat Street, aboard riverboats and in the Moscow Metro. In addition, large screens can be found in bars and restaurants in the city’s  central streets.

In total, 56 broadcasts will be shown at Vorobyovy Gory from June 14 through July 15. Thus, spectators will be able to see almost all World Cup matches, except those that start simultaneously, of course.