No failures: city’s public transport works perfectly on FIFA World Cup 2018 opening day

No failures: city’s public transport works perfectly on FIFA World Cup 2018 opening day
Оргкомитет «Россия-2018»
About 92,000 fans took the metro and the Moscow Central Circle as they left Luzhniki Stadium and the Fan Fest following the Russia vs Saudi Arabia match. Close to 18,000 people took advantage of the free shuttles, and about 2,000 took taxis.

Fans made about 112,000 trips using various sorts of public transport on 14 June. The city’s public transport system worked perfectly on the opening day of the FIFA World Cup.

"It took the fans about 90 minutes to vacate Luzhniki Arena and about an hour to leave the Fan Fest area following the match,” Maxim Lixutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

The Transport Department and the city traffic police will consider and duly respond to all comments received during the match between Russia and Saudi Arabia, Mr Liksutov said.

Following the game, about 92,000 people took the metro and MCC from the stadium and the Fan Fest. About 18,000 fans took advantage of the free S1, S2, and и S8 shuttles, and around 2,000 people took taxis. Plus, many people decided to walk.

"The city’s public transport system coped quite well with the transportation of fans to and from Luzhniki and the Fans Fest. Many fans decided to use the walking routes taking advantage of the special discount prices offered at various shops and restaurants at Gorky Park and the Muzeon and Zaryadye parks,” the Deputy Mayor said.

According to Mr Liksutov, close to 42,000 public transport workers were involved in the transportation of fans.

The first game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup between Russia and Saudi Arabia was held on 14 June following the tournament’s opening ceremony. Russia won 5-0. 

The FIFA World Cup will last until 15 July with Moscow hosting 11 more games. Luzhniki Arena will host three group stage games, one round of 16, a semifinal and the finals. Five matches will be held at Spartak Arena, including four group phase games and one round of 16.