Always online: New free Wi-Fi hotspots

Always online: New free Wi-Fi hotspots
Now Muscovites can access the Moscow_WiFi_Free network in libraries, cinemas and cultural centres.

Since the beginning of the year, Moscow has installed a total of over 2,200 new free Wi-Fi hotspots, enabling internet access in 118 city streets within the Third Ring Road, plus eight city parks. Since the beginning of the year, new hotspots appeared at 88 cultural centres, 84 libraries and all 13 Moskino cinemas.

“Since the beginning of the year, over one thousand new Wi-Fi hotspots have been installed in city streets,” said a press service representative from the Department of Information Technology. “Most of these new hotspots enable internet access within the Garden Ring. The city has set up 752 new hotspots within the Garden Ring, including in 54 new streets located there. The rest of the free Wi-Fi hotspots were installed in 64 streets between the Garden Ring and the Third Ring Road. There, Moscow has set up a total of 302 new hotspots.”

The list of places where free Wi-Fi has now become available includes Malaya Dmitrovka Street, Kitaigorodsky Proyezd, Lubyansky Proyezd, Triumfalnaya Square and the area near Barrikadnaya and Krasnopresnenskaya metro stations.

The city has also boosted Wi-Fi coverage in eight parks, installing a total of 106 new hotspots. Free internet is now available in the section of Babushkinsky Park located next to Olonetsky Proyezd and in the section of Kuzminki Park located between Shipilovsky Proyezd and Kashirskoye Motorway. New hotspots have been installed at Severnye Dubki, Angarskiye Prudy (Liazonovsky Park), the Olympic Village park (Fili Park), Sadovniki Park (Kuzminki Park) and Kuskovo Museum Estate. In Severnoye Tushino Park, Wi-Fi is now up and running in two recreation areas – Pokrovsky Bereg and Levoberezhye.

The Department of Information Technology also reported that the city has installed 587 hotspots in city libraries plus 521 more hotspots at cultural centres and cinemas.

To connect to the free Wi-Fi network, select Moscow_WiFi_Free in the list of available networks, open your browser and log in. This can be done either via a account or a text message. users should type in their login and password, or enter their phone number to receive a text message with a code.

The network is available on more than 300 streets and in 40 parks. Each hotspot has a range of 50 metres. Switching between hotspots does not require any re-authorisation.

Holidays are the time when Muscovites use Wi-Fi hotspots most actively. During the May holidays, over 120,000 people used the city’s free public Wi-Fi in central Moscow. From 29 April through 2 May and on Victory Day, people downloaded over five terabytes of traffic. Internet users were most active on 9 May when they downloaded about 1.4 terabytes of data from various websites and apps. The outgoing traffic during the five non-working days exceeded 900 gigabytes. The list of the 10 most frequently used public Wi-Fi locations included Arbat Street, Rozhdestvenka Street, Nikolskaya Street, Okhotny Ryad Street, Tverskaya Street, Maroseyka Street, Manezhnaya and Pushkinskaya squares, Teatralny Proyezd and Kamergersky Pereulok.