Wider sidewalks and new streetlamps: improvements on Solyanka Street and Solyansky Proyezd

Wider sidewalks and new streetlamps: improvements on Solyanka Street and Solyansky Proyezd
Street improvements included replacing asphalt, new lawns and repairing drainage system.

Improvements to Solyanka Street and Solyansky Proyezd, ongoing since autumn 2017, have now been completed. The work included repairing the drainage system, new gas, water and heating system lines, laying new asphalt and expanding the walking area.


Some 5,500 metres of overhead wires have been placed underground on Solyanka Street and Solyansky Proyezd after digging over 1,200 metres of trenches and about 90 cable pits. According to Moscow Deputy Mayor for Housing, Utilities and Amenities Pyotr Biryukov, this utility access will allow specialists to quickly conduct repairs and connect new communications lines without digging up the streets.

Vaster and lighter

The projects included new asphalt, street markings, streetlamps, traffic signs, some 2,500 square metres of grass, new rubbish bins, benches and information signs in courtyards and along traffic lanes.

Pavements (sidewalks) on Solyansky Proyezd, on the even numbered side, were expanded to 2.5 metres, paved with granite slabs and over two kilometres of new curbs. The improvements also included upgrading over 70 streetlamps with energy efficient bulbs.

“We changed the width of the traffic lanes on both streets, while preserving the number of lanes – three on each street – and expanding the pavements. This allowed us to adjust the speed of traffic flow. Following the improvements, two lanes are designated public transit lanes and one is for automobiles,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor Pyotr Biryukov.

This year’s development programme for the city centre includes upgrading streets and by-streets adjacent to already developed areas.