MCC signage to be updated with backlit directions and maps

MCC signage to be updated with backlit directions and maps
New directions are being installed on the Moscow Central Circle (MCC). Backlit signs have already been put up at Luzhniki Station.

The signage will be updated at all 31 MCC stations. Printed directions and maps will be replaced with backlit signs. The new illuminated signs can already be seen at Luzhniki Station. All the signs will be changed by the end of this summer. The station names will be in Russian and English.

“The new signs are more visible and will last longer than the paper navigation,” a Moscow Railway spokesperson said. “Next to the directions on the platforms, there will also be directions and recommendations for various situations. For example, where to go if you left your belongings on the train or what to do if somebody feels ill.”

Additionally, MCC stations will be equipped with floor navigation marking boarding zones and coaches for wheelchair users and bicycle racks.

“So far, the markings have appeared at six stations: Ploshchad Gagarina, Krymskaya, Verkhniye Kotly, Luzhniki, Shelepikha and Kutuzovskaya. In the future they will be added to the other MCC platforms,” the spokesperson noted.

Maps and navigation signs in the metro will also become more passenger-friendly. The navigation in the metro will be completely updated by the end of this year based on passengers’ requests. The directions will indicate social facilities, major shopping malls, landmarks and tourist facilities. Passengers can comment on signage updates in the Feedback section of the unified public transit website.