Rules for long distance buses changed for 2018 World Cup

Rules for long distance buses changed for 2018 World Cup
All amendments are written on road signs installed on all the routes leading to the Moscow Ring Road.

New rules for long distance buses entering Moscow have been introduced and will be valid during the 2018 FIFA World Cup to ensure passenger safety. The amendments and restrictions are displayed on road signs on all the main roads that access the Moscow Ring Road.

From 1 June through 17 July, only regular city, inter-municipal or adjacent interregional buses will be able to enter Moscow freely.

Long distance buses must have ERA GLONASS satellite navigation equipment and operators must report their trip itinerary, including destination and time and route at least 48 hours in advance. The transport directorate will also receive information on the bus’s location, direction and speed. In addition, buses with special permits from the local Interior Ministry offices will also be allowed to cross Moscow.

The Traffic Management Centre asks drivers to be cautious and follow the instructions on the signs. Details are available on the unified transport website.

Traffic patterns will also be changed near the stadiums. Designated lanes on Leningradsky Prospekt and Volokolamskoye Motorway will be opened daily. The designated lane leading to the city centre near Tushinsky Tunnel has been changed from the left side to the right. Now all the three lanes on the left are available for cars.

Traffic restrictions will be introduced around the Luzhniki Big Sports Arena and Spartak Stadium as well as around Vorobyovy Gory. Local residents will need permits to drive to their yards and houses.

The World Cup will be held on June 14 through July 15. Moscow will host 12 matches as well as the opening and the closing ceremonies.