Visitors can say good night to Pallas's cat and the puma: In June the zoo will stay open until 10 pm

Visitors can say good night to Pallas's cat and the puma: In June the zoo will stay open until 10 pm
Zoo admission for evening walks will be discounted 40 percent. The ticket office will be open until 9 pm.

The Moscow Zoo is launching the summer event, “The Zoo before Bedtime.” From 1 June through 30 June, Muscovites will be able to visit the zoo until 10 pm. After 7 pm entrance tickets will be available at a reduced price, 300 roubles instead of 500. The ticket office will be open for evening visits until 9 pm.

“People in the big city don’t always have a chance to get to the countryside and take a break from the hustle. But in the evening, the Moscow Zoo is an ideal place to get back to nature. In the evening visitors can watch the birds on the Large Pond and get a proper view of a stealthy Pallas's cat and other nocturnal animals,” said Svetlana Akulova, the Zoo General Director.

Life doesn’t stop at the Zoo at night. Many animals become more active after dark. For example, in the evening we can watch beasts of prey, in particular the big cats. The snow leopard, puma and Far Eastern leopard come out of their dens after the heat of the day is over. Visitors may also see the female tiger Printsessa walking around. During the day she usually rests in the shade or retreats to the far corner of her enclosure.

Akulova noted that every Tuesday and Thursday in June a tour A Summer Evening at the Zoo will be held from 8 pm to 9 pm. Visitors will be able to go for a walk and learn many new facts about animal life, watch the animals at their ease and also see how the zoo animals prepare for sleep. Tickets are available at the zoo website.

From 1 May until 31 August, the zoo also holds the Cheerful Morning event. Visitors can buy tickets for morning walks at a 40 percent discount. The zoo is open from 7:30 until 9 am at this price.

When the summer comes, museum visits in the evening become popular with locals and tourists.

St Basil’s Cathedral is also launching evening tours this year. They will run through September from 6 until 7:30 pm on Thursdays. Guides will talk about the secrets that the cathedral walls keep and the legends associated with the cathedral and explain where the royal treasury was hidden and where heavy forged chests stood for people to keep money and jewelry. Visitors will also be able to see the collections of Old Russian paintings, religious art, and liturgical objects that have survived until today.