Say cheese: Mos/Food! festival to offer nearly 110 kinds of cheese

Say cheese: Mos/Food! festival to offer nearly 110 kinds of cheese
Overall, vendors will put out over one million kilogrammes of dairy products.

Nearly 110 kinds of Russian-made cheese will be on offer during the Mos/Food! gastronomic festival, which will take place in Moscow on 17-18 March. Cheesemakers from the Vladimir, Leningrad, Kaliningrad and Moscow regions, the Krasnodar Territory, Crimea, Siberia, the Urals and other parts of the country will present their produce.   

The festival’s stalls will sell both classic cheeses − mozzarella, burrata and Adygei cheese – and new ones, such as several kinds of hard cheese from the Saratov Region flavoured with cumin, trigonella and other spices. Producers expect semi-hard cheeses, mozzarella and blue cheeses to be the most popular.

“Muscovites especially like semi-hard cheeses, which account for 60-70 percent of all the sales. Next, there are non-cheese dairy products, accounting for 15-20 percent of the Moscow markets’ income. The share of other cheeses may reach 25 percent,” said Oleg Sirota, a festival participant.

Besides the cheeses, visitors will be able to taste various other dairy products. One million kilogrammes of farm milk, butter, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk (ryazhenka), kefir and other dairy items will be brought to Moscow for the Mos/Food! festival.

The two-day festival will feature products from 25 Russian regions. At the market venues (there will be about 1,500 of them all around the city), visitors will be able to taste and buy fish and seafood from Kamchatka and the Extreme North, sweet treats from Udmurtia, and fruit and vegetables from southern Russia.

Muscovites will receive feedback forms where they can write which regional products they would like to see at markets this year.