Moscow metro offers bracelet-shaped Unified travelcards

Moscow metro offers bracelet-shaped Unified travelcards
As of 17 January unusual bracelet-shaped travel cards good for between 20-40 fares went on sale. Up until recently, it was only Troika cards that were shaped like bracelets.

The Moscow Metro’s souvenir shops, located at the Trubnaya and Mayakovskaya stations, as well as all souvenir showcases at Live Help desks, have started selling bracelet-shaped Unified travelcards.

“Passengers have shown that they like bracelet-shaped troika cards very much. Therefore we decided to issue bracelet-shaped Unified travelcards too. It will be possible to top up  fares only once and thereafter to keep the bracelets as souvenirs. Tourists will find this idea most attractive and they will be able to keep these as mementos of their visit to Moscow. We are currently launching this pilot project with bracelet-shaped Unified travelcards. The metro is getting  new batches of bracelets, including during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, if people like this sort of souvenir,” said Roman Latypov, First Deputy Moscow Metro Chief for Strategic Development and Client Relations.

Two types of bracelets which can be topped up with either 20 or 40 fares are  being sold. In total there will be a total of 750 bracelets in each category. One Unified 20 fare travelcard will cost 897 roubles, and the one for 40 fares will sell for 1,644 roubles. The price includes the 150-rouble bracelet and the 747-rouble ticket with 20 fares. A 40-fare travelcard costs 1,494 roubles. The bracelet will make it possible to pay for the metro, Moscow Central Circle (MCC) as well as  surface transport.

The adjustable red silicon bracelets have got  the Moscow metro logo on them, the inscription Unified and show the number of fares a passenger has.

In late 2017, the metro also issued souvenir magnets that look just like Unified travelcards but which have a magnet in them and can be attached to metal surfaces, such as  refrigerators. The magnet’s reverse side shows St Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square, one of the main city landmarks.