2018 FIFA World Cup fans order over three million tickets

2018 FIFA World Cup fans order over three million tickets
Оргкомитет «Россия-2018»
Apart from Russia, the list of countries putting the most orders in for tickets  includes Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, the US, Spain, Poland and China.

Kicking off in 150 days the 2018 FIFA World Cup is considered one of the most large-scale events. As the sales continue, organisers note that the demand for tickets keeps growing not only in Russia but the rest of the world as well.

Since December, when the second sales phase begun, over 3.1 million football fans, mostly Russians, have ordered tickets.  Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, the US, Spain, Poland and China are the other big ticket buyers. In total, foreign fans have ordered 38 percent of the tickets.

2018 FIFA World Cup matches will be held from 14 June to 15 July 2018 in 11 Russian cities – Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg and Saransk. Moscow will become a major football arena that will host a total of 12 matches, including the opening and final matches. All categories of tickets for the Moscow matches are in high demand.

At Moscow’s Luzhniki Big Sports Arena there will be a total of 7 matches. During the opening match Russia will take on Saudi Arabia, while the other three group stage matches will be played between Germany and Mexico, Portugal and Morocco, plus Denmark and France. Moreover, Luzhniki will have a round of 16, the semi-final and the final mathes as well.

At Moscow’s Spartak stadium there will be five matches. Argentina and Iceland, Poland and Senegal, Belgium and Tunisia and Serbia and Brazil, plus a round of 16 match as well.

Ticket series

Tickets can only be purchased through FIFA’s official website. From 5 December till noon of 31 January, football fans can order tickets to all 2018 FIFA World Cup matches, except for the opening match and the final match. Fans will also be able to order Venue-Specific Ticket Series. There also are two more ticket series: Supporter Tickets and Conditional Supporter Tickets to possible matches of their national teams. Those who purchased Conditional Supporter Tickets will be able to watch four second round matches that could potentially be played by the respective national team (in case it qualifies for them). To learn more about the tickets, click here.

If demand exceeds the supply of tickets available, tickets will be distributed randomly based on a draw. The results will be announced no later than on 12 March, 2018. Everyone will have an equal chance of being picked, regardless of the date the order was put in.

Moreover, FIFA will provide a number of special tickets for disabled as well as overweight people and people with low mobility.

Tickets purchased during the first and the second sales phase will be delivered free. The delivery will not begin before April or May, 2018. The details will be updated later.

Fan ID perks

Having purchased a ticket, all football fans must also obtain a FAN ID card as well. You must apply for this free ID documentation right after receiving your ticket confirmation.

In order to get to the stadium, football fans must carry on them both their FAN ID cards together with their tickets. FAN ID cards allow visa-free entry into Russia, free rides on special trains going between the World Cup host cities and on public transit on the day of the match as well.