Register your car at My Documents’ centre

Register your car at My Documents’ centre
My Documents has opened a flagship centre in Moscow. Among the services offered by the new office is registering motor vehicles. There is also a notary public, a photographer, a medical office, a tourism office, and access practically to all government services. Continue reading about what else is available to visitors of the My Documents flagship centre.

The flagship office of My Documents has opened at the Afimall City shopping mall, offering an expansive list of services. Now Muscovites have access to over 170 government services and others. The office is located at 2 Presnenskaya Embankment and is open from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm.  With time, My Documents centres will open in every Moscow municipal area.

Soft chairs, children’s corner and ATMs 

74 employees serve clients at the flagship centre on Presneneskaya Embankment. Four greeters welcome visitors and direct them to 1 of 51 windows. The total office area is 2,300 square metres.

The waiting area has soft chairs and space to fill in paperwork. Entertainers will help divert young visitors at the large children’s corner. Young Muscovites will also learn more about life in the city with the help of interactive games on computer terminals. There is a conference hall for meetings with local residents and holding lectures, conferences and other events.

Sberbank access points are installed near the windows. They accept cash-free and touch-free payments, so visitors do not have to go to a bank to pay government fees.

What you can do at the flagship centre

Register a car

You can now register a motor vehicle at a My Documents centre for the first time in Russia. The flagship centre has a service area equipped to meet technical specifications. This service could meet with huge demand as Muscovites buy and sell over a million cars a year.

Until recently, 20 traffic police departments registered motor vehicles in Moscow, but half of them are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Many people who needed to register or unregister a car had to wait in queue for hours.

The new registration standard for motor vehicles at the My Documents flagship centre will make this procedure smooth and easy. Visitors can make an appointment at the web portals or Receptionists will go over the required documents, queuing will be kept to a minimum and traffic officers will work efficiently and competently both at windows and in the service area. In the future, it will be possible to register a car at other My Documents centres.

In addition, it will be possible to receive real-time information about taxes, fees and insurance payments, as well as penalties, fines and interest, and to draw up a bill to pay debts.

Receive 2018 FIFAWorld Cup FAN ID

FAN IDs are required for everyone who bought a ticket for a match of the upcoming tournament. The flagship office of My Documents is one of the locations that issue FAN IDs. Fans can fill in an application at any Moscow government services centre: they just need identification and a digital photo. If the applicant has no photo, it can be taken right at the centre.

Providing plots of federal land

Since 2015, this service has been provided at all My Documents centres for individuals only, while legal entities and independent entrepreneurs can access the service at flagship offices. Applications will be examined at the Moscow office of the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimushchestvo) within a period of up to 20 days.

Services for small businesses

Representatives of Moscow small businesses can apply for cadastral registration and state-registered ownership. In addition, there are other 18 services provided for entrepreneurs.

It is also possible to register a farm household or to become an independent entrepreneur.

Make a deposit and have your photos taken (photo session)

You can also obtain certificates and other documents at the flagship centre while doing a number of other things, such as opening a bank account, purchasing theatre tickets, obtaining a travel package, getting a health check-up or having your photos taken. There is a banking office, medical office and ticket office,  as well as a photo studio and a tourism office.

Visitors can make bank payments and money transfers as well as get a consumer loan or a credit card, start a savings account or consult on their mortgage.

The My Health medical office has a range of services such as Healthy Heart, Healthy Vessels, Healthy Lungs and Healthy Diet. Visitors over 40 can check their intraocular pressure. One visit to the doctor will last about 15 minutes. All services are free of charge for visitors.

Using the My Travels service, visitors will be able to choose a vacation option in Russia or abroad. Experts will book a hotel, find tours, issue insurance and take care of railway and plane tickets. This service is available not only for individuals but also for legal entities.

A ticket office will help you select entertainment events, concerts and performances. It is also possible to have your photograph taken in the photo studio.

In all administrative areas

There are plans to open My Document flagship offices in every Moscow administrative area. The offices will be located as conveniently as possible for clients: next to metro stations, bus stops or residential buildings. These will be large rooms that can accommodate more people than the regular centres.

Instead of 1,200 offices

The first My Documents centres appeared in Moscow in 2011. They have replaced 1,200 offices of various state agencies. During the last six years, Moscow has become the only city in the world where government services are provided from 8 am to 8 pm all week round without closures or days off. Today there are 128 such centres in Moscow.

I came, I filled in, I received

My Documents offices are constantly expanding their list of new services.

Last year, the services of the Russian Federal Tax Service and the Moscow Military Commissariat were added. Now Muscovites can receive their driver licenses and international passports for five years at the centres.

In addition, all main services provided by the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreyestr) are available there: registering real estate as well as ownership rights, filing requests with the State Real Estate Cadastre and the Unified State Register of Property Rights and Transactions.

Now you can obtain the full range of documents needed to obtain a pension or inheritance, when a name is changed or a baby is born, as well as documents for a family with many children.

In addition, since 1 August 2017 visitors can make all necessary changes to military service documents, recalculate utility fees, get residential parking permits and file for housing benefits and tax breaks in one visit when changing place of residence or purchasing real estate.

These documents can be received at all My Documents offices starting 17 January.

In every city district

My Documents offices are located in all Moscow districts. Muscovites can receive 98 percent of government services at one location: any centre regardless of place of residence.

The offices have over 6,500 service windows where the full range of documents can be obtained in just two visits. This would have been hard to imagine only six years ago. Now anyone who wants to change their last name, or get documents related to pensions, newborns or families with many children can do so at any My Documents centre.

In addition, Muscovites can also copy any document or photo, pay fees, print documents and get coffee or snacks at every office. There also are payment terminals and ATMs as well as special offices for people with disabilities, children’s corners, baby care rooms, book exchanges and also snack and coffee machines, newspaper stands and Wi-Fi. Consultants will help visitors look up the services they need electronically.

Top three

Research carried out by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) showed that Moscow’s My Documents centres hold leading positions in Russia and among world’s megacities. According to the PWC research, Moscow is in the top three in aspects of government service such as accessibility, customer service, and queue management. The Documents offices are also the leader in the Dialogue with Visitors category.

The Moscow centres have the shortest queues in the world: no more than three minutes. According to the PWC research, Moscow is the leader in this index, which varies from five minutes to 27.5. If a visitor has to wait more than 15 minutes, the office will provide a visitor with a free cup of coffee. Today only 1 in 2,000 has to wait longer than that.