Moscow Zoo launches “reality show” featuring red pandas and wild cats

Moscow Zoo launches “reality show” featuring red pandas and wild cats
People all over the world can now watch Moscow Zoo animals online.

There are plans to install video cameras inside all Moscow Zoo enclosures before late May 2018. These cameras will allow people all over the world to watch the zoo’s inhabitants live online. Cages with red (lesser) pandas, jaguarundis and cheetahs have already been connected to the video camera network. Internet users will be able to see them feed and play on the zoo’s website. To do this, one should click on Web Cameras in the About the Zoo section or click here.

“Jaguarundis are among our most secretive animals, and visitors are not always able to see them. From now on, those who like wild cats can see them at close range and watch these elusive animals in action,” said Moscow Zoo Director General Svetlana Akulova.

Web camera broadcasts from red (lesser) panda enclosures will also prove no less spectacular. These animals become more active at dusk and leave their home in search of food. Once they find something to eat, they either sit down or lie on their backs while chewing on their morsels. Cheetahs are most active by morning, and it is also hard to see them. As a rule, they hide inside the enclosure’s cosiest nooks until feeding time.

The zoo also has plans to replace the enclosures’ obsolete metal netting with thin and bright modern barriers before the year is out. Special type of braid mesh will make them more flexible and will not harm the animals during their games. The new barriers will be less noticeable, allowing visitors to see the animals better.