Moscow Metro mobile app to receive new functions in the run-up to 2018 FIFA World Cup

Moscow Metro mobile app to receive new functions in the run-up to 2018 FIFA World Cup
The Moscow Metro mobile app will be translated into five languages and will receive new services for working out  routes to the city’s sports stadiums.

The Moscow Metro mobile app will receive some new functions in the run-up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The mobile app will start working out routes to Spartak Stadium and the Big Sports Arena in Luzhniki, due to host World Cup matches, as well as give directions to local bike-sharing stations. They will suggest optimal transport options and prices for those travelling to the Moscow Region. The mobile app will also feature a section in five foreign languages.

“The Moscow Metro mobile app is becoming more and more popular with city residents as well as tourists too, and we are therefore expanding its functions. Foreign tourists, due to visit the capital during the World Cup, will also find the new services rather convenient,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor and Head of the City Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov.

The Moscow Metro mobile app will receive a special World Cup section containing brief updates on local stadiums, due to host the matches and their contacts, plus users will be able to work out the most convenient routes. The service will contain football match schedules and scores. This particular section will be available in six foreign languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German and Portuguese.

The mobile app will also list bike-sharing stations and bicycles that can be hired using an interactive map. Users will be able to work out their routes to these stations, as well as bicycle routes linking different locations. The map will also show bicycle routes for tourists near the most famous city landmarks, as well as fares and rules for using bike-sharing stations.

The Moscow Culture section will list pedestrian tourist routes for those wishing to see city landmarks. Users will have to mark several locations they are interested in, and the service will offer optimal routes for accessing all cultural landmarks. The mobile app will also tell them which metro station should be used for reaching this or that street or landmark.

The mobile app will allow users to store preset routes between where they are residing, work places or educational institutions. The service will quickly calculate the estimated time of arrival, with due consideration for the transport situation and station closing times. The mobile app will choose optimal fares for preset routes, including commuter train routes in the Moscow Region.

The service will feature audio guides for those taking the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) railway. Its special section will list MCC stations where audio guides are available. Users will be offered station diagrams showing designated locations where he or she should stand while using the audio guide’s various sections. The mobile app will also publish regulations for MCC users.

People can also report lost items using the mobile app that will feature a diagram showing metro stations, scheduled to be opened in the next five years. The mobile app will also list retail outlets inside pedestrian underpasses, a map of electric outlets for recharging mobile devices, Live Conversation counters plus souvenir shops.

Launched in early 2017, the Moscow Metro mobile app lists newly-opened metro stations and planned overhauls. To see any urgent messages, users should push an emergency button. In addition to this, the mobile app will help plan routes in line with city transit and commuter trains schedules. The service will calculate the estimated time of arrival, the number of stops and approximate Koshelyok (Purse) fares for Troika card users who can also see the cost of all current fares. The mobile app also lists all the main local tourist attractions.

The mobile app will tell users about park-and-ride facilities near the metro stations, their prices and available parking space. Users can also receive assistance from the Passenger Mobility Centre via this app.